June 13, 2007

Proof There Are Black Dime Pieces Other Than Beyonce

So, this past week I had a very disturbing conversation. A guy, that shall remain nameless for his own safety, made a statement and asked if I agreed. He said that there we’re no dark-skinned black girls that were dimes (meaning a 10 on a 1-10 scale). He said all the tight black girls were lightskinned’d and mixed. I caught by surprise. I was like, oh hell no. I love all my black women; I rattled off a rack of tight youngins that weren’t light in the complexion. And no, he wasn’t a black guy that said it so I wasn’t as mad as I would have been if he was. Anyway…without getting into the complicated and stupid issue of light skinned blacks verses dark skinned blacks and who’s more beautiful…I decided to prove him just plain wrong in a fun and discreet mathematical way.

Modus Tollens- is the formal name for indirect proof or proof by contrapositive( where my college people at? Believe it or not, I use this shit everyday at work…who would have thought it? LOL).

Modus tollens has the following argument form:

If P, then Q.
Q is false.
Therefore, P is false.

The argument has two premises. The first premise is the conditional "if-then" statement, namely that P implies Q. The second premise is that Q is false. From these two premises, it can be logically concluded that P must be false.

Consider an example:

If there is fire here, then there is oxygen here.
There is no oxygen here.
Therefore, there is no fire here.

(Source of the Example- Wikipedia)

Now for Brian (oh, my bad…on the name, man):

First Premise:
If you are not a light skinned black girl, then you can not be tight.

Second Premise:
My Top 16 of TIGHT ASS Celebrity Chocolate honeys off the top of my head.

16. Heather Headley

The Singer

15. Tamala Jones

The Sassy Actress

14. K.D. Aubert

The Friday After Next Star. Pimp Down!

13. Tatyana Ali

Little Ashley ain't little no more

12. Stacey Dash

After I saw her in Playboy, I knew I wasn't Clueless for liking her

11. Ashanti

Ohh Babbby

10. Meagan Good

She is the only reason to watch any of the movies she did

9. Jada Pinkett Smith

I'm Hating...Damn you Will Smith!

8. Kerry Washington

Anyone with Washington in the name is bound to be hot!

7. Kellita Smith

The hottest TV MILF since Clair Huxtable

6. Sanaa Lathan

Who doesn't wanna play this Love & Basketball star 1 on 1

5. Nia Long

Around the way girl...

4. Gabrielle Union

Overexposed or not, she's still hot

3. Aisha Tyler

Been luvin' her since Talk Soup. Fun Fact: Only Black person I remember being on Friends(the Whitest Show Ever)

2. Regina Hall

Cute and Funny

1. Kelly Rowland

Beyonce, who? I'm in the Kelly Fan Club...Can someone give her my number please


If any one of these women classify as dime then the statement that there are no tight black women that are not light skinned is not true by the way of modus tollens.

I can't believe he would say some bullshit like that...has he seen my friends list? (Brownie points please...)

I might need to do one for the light skinned girls too. Oh, comment on who's YOUR favorite brown skinned dime. Black women are beautiful. period.