March 31, 2010

The Will Wash Podcast - Campfire Episode

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The Will Wash Podcast - Campfire episode.  Talking about hair and South Beach around a campfire at Deep Creek.

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March 30, 2010

The Will Wash Podcast - Pilot Episode

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The Will Wash Podcast - Pilot episode.  Talking about Farrakhan, Obama, Tea Party, Campfire Story, Religion, Hip Hop & R&B

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March 10, 2010

Hyenas Will Take Anything

4046054583_37d9d6b6e1 Except for the aardwolf, all living hyena species are hunters and scavengers.

Scavenger - an organism that typically feeds on refuse or carrion.  Basically, animals that eat dead animals that they did not kill themselves or a person who collects things discarded by others

A Predator - One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain.

Would you consider yourself a Hyena?  Simple enough question.  There are Hyena’s among us. We don’t notice because they fit into our ecosystem, they play a role.

Who am I calling hyenas?  People who make a habit out of predatorily scavenging others.  It happen in every aspects of life.  Take style for example, if you not creating, you’re borrowing.  Your “style” or “swag” consist of the remains of others.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, please remember that.  But if you are seeing someone else with it and thinking you can rock it then you are scavenging.  Maybe you don’t take everything and only use bits and pieces to make your own unique flavor but the fact still remains you are not really the creator, you are modifying.  It’s like a music producer who samples music, while it’s nice and all but you should never be compared to Mozart.

Another example of predatory scavenging is intellectual properties and ideas.  Hyenas are the people who take and run with other people’s ideas without notice.  They are good a doing what someone else has already done.  Not always bad thing, because things can be improved upon.  But can be illegal in business.  It’s just the nature of those animals.  They see something that someone else has or is doing and want it.  We all know people like that or we ourselves may be like.  Usually subconsciously of course.  It’s nice having followers sometimes but it’s extremely annoying when credit isn’t always given.  No one works for free all the time.  Very common preying ground is the work place.  And another often overlooked place is your circle of friends.  For example, you mention to friend you want to go Mexico, a dream of yours and then later the friend comes subliminally bragging that they have trip to Mexico, clearly booked after talking to you and doesn’t include you.  They don’t mean harm they are just doing what comes natural to them.  Or you introduce someone to an activity like crossbow shooting, you bring them along and the next thing you know they claimed it as their own thing, you don’t get invites when they go out and when side by side you are never given credit for getting them started.  Also say they noticed you changed your place up, maybe brought something new, or started using a new technology then suddenly you notice they doing the same thing you doing – but this is what makes them hyenas, not just the copying, they do it like it was all them – no thought of they are not original and taking from another’s shine.  That’s the behavior. They don’t ask, inform, not a small instant message, or nothing.  Suddenly they doing the same thing you doing, but with their own name on it.

Everyone has different personalities.  Some are invertors, ground breakers, risk takers; while others are good at adopting and taking.  There is nothing wrong with sharing, that’s why I said it’s not a bad thing.  If something is good it should be shared and enjoyed.  But hyenas should never be compared to gazelles or lions because they are predatory opportunist and thus not the same.

“Biters, remember where you heard it first”

March 09, 2010

Pet Peeve #9: What You Don’t Like

We all heard the saying opinions are like assholes, we all have one.  But let me add like assholes, if I don’t ask, I don’t care about your asshole.  Don’t care if it’s clean or dirty, don’t care if it’s tight or loose, just don’t care.  Every so often someone feels the need to say “My asshole itches.” Did I ask???  Was that need to know info???  Do you really need me to tell you to wash your ass, you dirty bastard?  What did you think I was going to say?  You must wanted some reaction.

If I ask it’s because I want to hear.  But probing your feelings without asking is dangerous with a person like me for the simple fact that I judge (whether it’s good or bad is here nor there, it’s just a fact) and will tell you.  Now if you are sensitive that you need the attention to say something, you are at risk of getting your sensitive ass hurt.  Rarely do people come to me for only compassion, not that I don’t have it, but I see through neediness and question almost everything.

If I’m not giving you a Christmas present, why do you feel the need to tell me you don’t celebrate Christmas??? If we are not eating together, I am I suppose to care you don’t eat meat?  I don’t have a evil plan in my mind to wait 3 months and stick a bumblebee on your allergic ass.

What YOU can’t do, and don’t like.  Sounds like personal problems to me.  You are limited and try to limit me.  Personal problems are just that, personal and yours.  Unless it’s used to explain something relevant, why do people feel the need to volunteer polarizing information?  Do they want me to look up to them or what, I don’t know?  Not so subliminal brags.  A lot of the time for that very reason I would question their reasoning and find holes in their logic or belief, mostly out spite and not really because I care but so because I don’t care, if that makes sense…

My absolutely most hated look at my asshole information, I don’t eat seafood.  Are you allergic? No.  Everyone know it either goes good or bad with me after that point.  And good is ending the conversation right there.  FYI no one yet, that is not allergic, has come up with a good rational reason to swear off the millions of different foods that are available from the sea.

March 04, 2010

Simple Pleasure #4: My Niece Sydney

Since the moment she enter this bright world I have been captivated with her. I really don't have words to express the emotions and wonder of watching a child grow before my very eyes. Prime example is last Sunday I sat her on the table for her to crawl. But she can not crawl yet, just scoot. Maybe it's the proud uncle in me that trying to get her to develop quickly, but I'm ready for her to be crawling and walking. Anyway I sit her on all fours and place her teething toy in front of her just out of reach. She leans forward and tries to grab the toy with her mouth, it looks amusing to me. You can tell she wants the toy and is unsure of her balance and weight so she leans forward to try to get it. I pick her up and we move on to other things.  Later, I place her on table again, same situation.  This time she leans one arm and reaches out with the other to grab the toy!  I’m ecstatic even though only I know what was going on.  Look at the learning that happening right be for my very eyes.  You know what it is happens a lot as I consciously pay attention to it and I love it so much.  To me the potential is limitless, but of course as we get older and our body stops growing as fast the brain doesn’t continue you to grow connections it is kind of sad to know that information about aging.  But in the mean time I see hope and potential in the freshness of her.


Another thing I love about the baby is finding common traits, how she is similar to family members, not just in looks. She has a lot of my brother and mother in her.  The energy, short attention span, and talkativeness are apparent very earlier especially at a higher level I haven’t seen in her cousins.  There is no denying the blood in this child.

Uncle Wee Wee Love You!