March 31, 2006

Best Sign Ever

This is the best sign ever. I would give him some money just for the creativity and I know what it feels like to 8,7 ninjas jump out of nowhere and attack you. I respect that.

Black Sci-Fi

I love movies. I got a decent DVD collection. One thing I have noticed is that there are no Black sci-fi movies or shows. I happen to like sci-fi shit. I watched Firefly and Star Trek- the first two only, the rest were garbage. Oh shit, I hear the Trekie fanboys keyboards going now with hate mail. I know what the corporations are saying, Black people don’t watch sci-fi and that why UPN and BET don’t have any sci-fi shows. So what. I know Black people don’t watch sci-fi in masses. Ever seen a Trek convention or a Star Wars convention? The black faces are few in between. But I know Black people love Star Wars, go Lando! Maybe Black people don’t go crazy for Sci-Fi shows because there are no shows specifically for them.

I propose a sci-fi show for the Black audience. It will take place in the not too distant in the urban environment. It will star a cool ass captain. Much cooler than Kirk, that’s for sure. They wouldn't even call him captain; they’ll call him War chief. I’ll have someone like Sam Jackson play it. War Chief would have his crew fight hi-tech enemies and solving stupid mysteries. They would communicate with the Nextel-Sprite phone cause nigga’s love the sci-fi sound of the Nextel chirp. For eye candy, his second in charge will be fine looking sister that will keep bammas tuning in because of her good looks and stylish outfit. She’ll be sister with style and attitude. Rounding off the crew would be two knuckleheads. They can be played by Mike Epps and Kat Williams, the Wayans Brothers, or youngins funny like that. They would solve paternity tests using sci-fi technology, like DNA tests and lie detector tests. Because, evidently that technology is still new and space age to the brothers caught up on the Maury Show. The spaceship would be pimped out flip down computer screens, leather seat, and chrome lining. The action will be gangsterist with attitudes and guns. I know it’s not a word but that how it will be, gangsterist. The good guys will be the bad guys. They rob, steal, sell, and smuggle under the nose of the big ruling empire/government. Shoot it like a music video and I would watch that shit.

March 30, 2006

March Madness

March Madness in full effect. Big shout out to the University of Maryland at College Park Women’s Basketball team. The Ladies are in the final four and that’s huge. I remember when they were the redheaded stepchildren of Maryland’s Athletic Program. I sat there watching and suffering. Now there good and are winners. It’s to bad their success is at the same time as George Mason historic NCAA tourney game play. I feel they are being out shadowed when it’s their time to shine because the men’s team is rebuilding and cannot currently beat the DeMatha High School basketball team. Not to take anything from Mason cause I like the way they are playing team ball and some of them boys are from my area of town. I’m going with for both team winning this weekend.

The Game's Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin' DVD Review

Ok like I promised, I seen The Game’s DVD. I’m going to help you all out and tell you not to buy it unless you are either The Game’s Mother and one of his other relatives or a serious fanboy of The Game; also known as a dick rider. Before I start receiving hate mail from the sack lovers, like I did after my Diddy comments, I’m not a 50 Cent super fan and I am not hating on The Game. I hating on the DVD. It was garbage. As an expert of making garbage home videos, and my shit on a $500 camcorder with no production value puts his shit to shame. While watching it I was reminded of Jack Nicholson’s performance in the Shining. The Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin' DVD was the ramblings of a mad man into a camera and nothing more. He was walking around the house talking about how he dislikes 50 and G-unit. Then he walks around town talking about how he dislikes 50 and G-unit. After that he walks around New York talking about how he dislikes 50 and G-unit. Boring. The whole time I was thinking how long is this piece of shit. The climax was that he drive by 50’s house. That’s it. He just drives by the house. Nothing happens. A drive-by camcordering. And 50 lives in a estate mansion. So you can’t even see the house, you just get the gate. The best part was him getting followed by the hip hop police and getting arrested in a weak ass North Carolina mall while talking about how much he dislike 50 and G-unit. They needed a follow up piece on that. That was the only part interesting me. I wanna know what the charges were and if he took legal action against the NC police for arresting him for no reason other than walking around talking about how he dislikes 50 and G-unit. But the DVD had to be gangster with him posting bail with cash and continuing on his way walking and talking about how he dislikes 50 and G-unit. If he is making money off this DVD then I’m hating because my home videos are so much more interesting. By the way, there are no facts presented in the DVD that could better sice the 50 cent – Game beef. It’s just mad ramblings about who is a bitch and shit. Apparently, a homeless dude in L.A. says he knew Olivia when she was a man. People save your money or use it to buy The Game’s Stop Snitchin' Stop Lyin' Mixtape. The mixtape is the complete opposite of the DVD. I call it a mixtape because in order to be the soundtrack, the music needs to be in the video but it’s not. The Game couldn’t clear any of his hits for the DVD. It was so low budget. The Mixtape is pretty good. The hatred runs deep on it. I love diss records and this is full of them. My favorite disses are from Charli Baltimore, the newest member of Game’s Black Wall Street. She gets at 50 and Irv while adding creditability to Cam’ron statements that Hova be lovin’*.

*Lovin’ is a slang term used in the Washington, DC Area in reference to people that go that extra mile and “be loving” the hoes and/or the strippers. Also used in reference to dudes that go above and beyond to handcuff and smother females. They are lovers.

Will Wash Dictionary

It has been pointed out to me that I write like I talk and all types of people read this site and they may not talk like I me and may not understand my slang. So I have the Will Wash Dictionary. I am from the Washington, DC area so many people for that area will know it, but there is occasionally phases that are used in my inner circle of friends. As I run across words, terms, or phase that a normal person may not clearly understand I will add it.




1. A person who is not very trendy, whether it be fashion or music: "Ugh! Look at his shape-up...and his beat-up Pro Wings. He`s such a bamma."
2. A wack person.
General Washington, DC Area slang.

Beat your feet
1. A DC Area GoGo dance.
2. To run really hard. "Soon as he heard the siren, he was beating his feet."

To be very upset/disappointed. General Washington, DC Area slang.

To be excited, proud: "He was so boosted when he found out he got an A on his history test." General Washington, DC Area slang.

References to White people who name is unknown. Cambridge Hall, UMD slang


To disrespect someone: "Jimmy tried to holla at Crystal, but she carried him by walking away" General Washington, DC Area slang.


A dick rider
A nut hugger
A sack lover

A fucking fanboy groupie of a particular individual. You are exhibiting dick rider behavior if I say something like this to you, “He ain’t Jesus, get off his dick!” or “Wipe your chin.”



Fanboy is a term used to describe a male who is utterly devoted to a single subject or hobby, often to the point where it is considered an obsession.

New or very clean. “He keeps his Air Force Ones tight”


Get at ‘em
To challenge someone with full intentions of winning. “When it comes to rapping I think I can get at him lyrically.”

Go Hard
To out perform. To be tough. "They couldn't stop us, we go hard."


To talk to. “Let me holla at ya.”

Action(s) that could lead to someone getting in trouble. “Every time we go get some new shit, Tyrone be acting real hot.” General Washington, DC Area slang.



kinda/sorta or very, depending on emphasis: "She is ja phat" General Washington, DC Area slang.

Making fun of another person: "Did u see that dude`s shape-up? They was joning at the lunch table all period." General Washington, DC Area slang.


References to Latino people who name is unknown. Cambridge Hall, UMD slang



Loose lips
Unable to control what they say. Either has a problem of talking just to be talking or says thing without concern of consequences. “I’m warning you before you come over, my grandma can be rude, her lips are real loose.” General Washington, DC Area slang.

Lovin’ is a slang term used in the Washington, DC Area in reference to people that go that extra mile and wife the hoes and/or the strippers. Also used in reference to dudes that go above like excessive sweet-talking for nothing and going above beyond to handcuff and smother females. They are lovers and the opposite of pimps. “I seen what he wrote on her page, he be facebook lovin’.”

joking around, acting foolishly: "During my free periods, we just be walking around or straight lunching, cuz we be bored" General Washington, DC Area slang.


A mud muck
A musk rat
A monster

A butt ugly person.




to be annoying, conceited: "He was so pressed to show everyone he got an A; he gets on my nerves" General Washington, DC Area slang.

to dispense with readily, to handle easily; deals with sexual intercourse when used in reference to girls General Washington, DC Area slang.




To handcuff a female. To rescue a prostitute or stripper from their lifestyle. To save for one's self. "I can't take my cousin to the stripe club cause he be trying to save them. Talking about, 'Girl, why doing this?'" See Project Pat's song: "Don't Save Her" Special Note: Most hoes don't wanna be saved and you can't turn a ho into a house wife.

unfortunate: "I can`t give u a ride, young. Either ask Chris or u short" General Washington, DC Area slang.

to over exaggerate: “Tamika not even that tight Isaac Ji Siced her. General Washington, DC Area slang.

to be excited, proud: "He was so siced when he found out he got an A on his history test" General Washington, DC Area slang.

Put to Sleep
To get physically knocked out. “Big Cuz got slumped!”

to punch, assault someone: "Young, if u dont get out my face, Ima steal u slam in ur jaw" “Jimmy said something about Barron’s mom, he got stole off the top. You know Barron don’t play.” General Washington, DC Area slang.


A good thing. “That movie was tight.” “Is she tight?” General Washington, DC Area slang.

Tip Drill

A woman who is only attractive from the neck down.


References to Black people who name is unknown. Cambridge Hall, UMD slang




unfavorable, uncool, unpoplar or very loser-like.
1. "What is with this wack-ass grade you gave me? i got all the right answers and you still gave me a 'D', man"
2. "Do you know how wack you look right now? If I ever see you wear those highwater jeans and small-ass t-shirt again....."

Wrap Up
To get pressed out someone. "Don't wrap me up."



equivalent to "son" or "kid" in NY; similar to "yo" also: "Young, Im sick of school" or "Chill out, joe. It aint even that serious"


I'm Back

I know it’s been a while since the last post but I’m back now. Sometimes, I like to fall off the face of the earth. It’s a good thing to do every once in a while especially when you are not a people person. Wait, it not that I’m not a people person so much as I don’t like most people. Anyway, I’m back so expect some catch up posts immediately.