March 31, 2006

Black Sci-Fi

I love movies. I got a decent DVD collection. One thing I have noticed is that there are no Black sci-fi movies or shows. I happen to like sci-fi shit. I watched Firefly and Star Trek- the first two only, the rest were garbage. Oh shit, I hear the Trekie fanboys keyboards going now with hate mail. I know what the corporations are saying, Black people don’t watch sci-fi and that why UPN and BET don’t have any sci-fi shows. So what. I know Black people don’t watch sci-fi in masses. Ever seen a Trek convention or a Star Wars convention? The black faces are few in between. But I know Black people love Star Wars, go Lando! Maybe Black people don’t go crazy for Sci-Fi shows because there are no shows specifically for them.

I propose a sci-fi show for the Black audience. It will take place in the not too distant in the urban environment. It will star a cool ass captain. Much cooler than Kirk, that’s for sure. They wouldn't even call him captain; they’ll call him War chief. I’ll have someone like Sam Jackson play it. War Chief would have his crew fight hi-tech enemies and solving stupid mysteries. They would communicate with the Nextel-Sprite phone cause nigga’s love the sci-fi sound of the Nextel chirp. For eye candy, his second in charge will be fine looking sister that will keep bammas tuning in because of her good looks and stylish outfit. She’ll be sister with style and attitude. Rounding off the crew would be two knuckleheads. They can be played by Mike Epps and Kat Williams, the Wayans Brothers, or youngins funny like that. They would solve paternity tests using sci-fi technology, like DNA tests and lie detector tests. Because, evidently that technology is still new and space age to the brothers caught up on the Maury Show. The spaceship would be pimped out flip down computer screens, leather seat, and chrome lining. The action will be gangsterist with attitudes and guns. I know it’s not a word but that how it will be, gangsterist. The good guys will be the bad guys. They rob, steal, sell, and smuggle under the nose of the big ruling empire/government. Shoot it like a music video and I would watch that shit.

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