September 12, 2008

This Is What It Is All About!!!

So my friend told me he sent me a youtube link of my favorite Go-Go band. I was like, ok. Considering it's a mid 90's band that haven't exactly been trying to stay noticed since they broke up in the late 90's, I figured it was an old video from back in the day. But he insisted I watch it, because I would love it. And I did. Love it, that is. It was from last month and they were playing in Maine, out of all places. You have to understand, Go-Go music is a local inner city style of music found only here in Washington, D.C. So they were playing away from home and get this... the people listening was partying just as hard to it as we locals do! I'm not usually one to point out racial things (well, sometimes) but many consider go-go music to be a type of black music (ignorance), if there is such a thing. And the audience in Maine was entirely white. Oh did I love it. Little things like that is what gives me hope for the future of this country. A really old local band went to a American Folk Music Festival in Maine and tore the house down. Why? Because the people were open to something they may not be familiar with also they was willing to give it a chance. And guess what? They loved it. They was crowd surfing and chanting and all! Watch the clip. You could see the emotion in the crowd all the way to the back. Check out grandma in the front row!

The people in Bangor, ME got to feel the emotion in the music that the inner city youth of DC risked violence to feel too. It's one of those things you need to experience live. Go-Go music just is... Something you feel.

Check out the girls on stage too!

A bit of history... from the billing a the festival:

Junk Yard Band
Washington, D.C.

For nearly 40 years, the dominant dance beat of our nation’s capital has been a heavily syncopated, percussive music called “go-go.” Go-go is a blend of Latin beats, call-and response chants, rhythm and blues, and jazz layered over a signature pattern of syncopated quarter and eighth note rhythms laid down on snare, kick drum and high hat cymbals. A regional offshoot of funk pioneered in the early ‘70s by Chuck Brown, go-go has over the years developed its own distinctive sound, dance moves, and traditions. Best enjoyed live, it has thrived around marathon performances, bootlegged recordings of live sets, and the almost rabid obsession of its local fans. Over several hours on stage in a crowded dance club the beat never stops, and the interaction between the band and the audience is an integral part of the go-go experience.

In the early 1980s a group of teenagers and children, some as young as eight, from the D.C. housing project known as “Barry Farms” formed a little neighborhood go-go band. Using an assortment of handmade and found instruments - paint buckets, hubcaps, crates, cans and old pots and pans - they began playing regularly around Barry Farms, at community events, and frequently busked on the streets. As more gigs and money became available they were able to swap out their scavenged "junk" for real instruments. In reference to their humble beginnings, they took the name Junk Yard Band, and quickly rose to the top of the D.C. music scene.

The group’s busking created a sensation and the group became somewhat of a tourist attraction, helping to land Junk Yard roles in the movies D.C. Cab with Mr. T and Tougher than Leather with Run DMC, as well as a recording contract with the pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam. Under Def Jam, the group released the single "Sardines." The song’s catchy go-go beat and call-and-response hook, “Sardines! Hey, and Pork and Beans!" captured national attention. Junk Yard, along with a few other go-go artists like Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk, Rare Essence, and E.U, developed a successful East Coast touring circuit, and shared the bill with hip-hop artists such as LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa and the Beastie Boys.

While newer styles have nudged go-go from the media limelight, go-go music still reigns in and around D.C., and Junk Yard still presides over marathon parties, laying down its signature groove with a frontline of vocalists that keep the party going and going and going . . .

September 11, 2008

Don't Drink and Post

9/11... I woke up to George Bush's simple looking mug this morning. They was opening the new pentagon 9/11 memorial to the public. And to be honest it was a reminder that we are living in a post 9/11 time frame. It's depressing if you ask me. After the attacks we had a unique opportunity to bring together the world and address the Islamic fanaticism. But our elected government fucked it up, by changing it's focus to another country and for other unknown reason's which to me wasn't as prudent as finding the assholes that killed the American citizens that did nothing but go to work that day. I mean how bad can you drop the ball? It's been seven long ass year and no Osama Bin Laden. I mean he is the second most recognizable person in the world, behind Michael Jackson. I don't understand how people give the folks in charge another chance to fuck up some more shit. Shit, Dog the Bounty Hunter would have found him by now and tried to save him with Jesus. Also 9/11 is a reminder to watch out for the haters in the world. I mean come on, I likes haters. I get it. The world needs haters, to let people know that others are jealous of what they are doing. But the Al-Qaeda are on a whole other level. Despite whatever reason they give they are certified haters. They are the worst type of hater, they don't hate just on individuals and styles but the hate on countries. How did your hate of Israel turn into the hating on the US? Your hating knows no limits! They hate that our woman look hotter not wearing dark table cloths (I've been happy hour drinking, I might regret this post). They hate on our freedom to enjoy our lives. That's some real hating right there. Jealousy causes the hating. They secretly/subconsciously wish they could live the American dream like the rap videos. Money, G4 planes, global love from the people, and big booty woman. If they could, fighting over the deserts of Israel wouldn't be shit next to regular young pussy. Al-Qaeda's priorities are fucked up. Yall need some freedoms like smoking( I'm against drugs but them motherfuckers need to calm down with that jihad shit), alcohol, and pretty looking women. I'm not saying their woman don't look good, I'm saying you should be able to enjoy God's gift to man...women. Unwrap them bitches(the phrase, not say they are really bitches...I love all women). You have a nice car, do you keep it in the garage to collect dust or do you wash it, shine it up, and take it on the town? Sure people may want your car, but it's yours. Jealousy, man. If you have a pretty and hot girl, treat her right and show her off. Pull the haters out, what are you scared of? If that's your girl, she coming home with you! Pull the haters out, expose them. Jealousy's a motherfucker, you weak jealous motherfuckers! If you a jealous motherfucker, you just a weak motherfucker! See when you on top, motherfuckers just wanna bring you down! Motherfuckers don't even know you, and they don't like you.. Y'all motherfuckers live off of negativity. What y'all niggaz need to get through your motherfucking heads is that, y'all fuckin' with some niggaz that's on a higher motherfucking level -- we don't give a fuck about what you think about; less how you feel about us; what you got to say about us we going keep doing our motherfucking thing from now till the year three thousand bitches! You can't breathe, you can't sleep, you can't eat without thinking about us! Without thinking about us to the end! We gonna kill you heartless motherfuckers! -Diddy on Notorious B.I.G.'s song My Downfall. That shit is on the soundtrack to my life!!!

September 10, 2008

Tell Your Jokes to the Mirror

Have you ever notice that often things outlast your interest? Like hobbies and pop music, you get all in to them and then it gets kind of old and you lose interest. Rhianna, yes I want to stop the music! But what about when it comes to people? I mean you still like them, but they are just not as amusing as they once were when they were fresh. So what do you do? And you have a responsibility to tell them or just try to distant yourself from them in the most least awkward way. I mean, you enjoy them but not too much of them. I know I can be too much lot so I try not to be, you know... too much. Then there are people that suffer from a lack of self awareness. They can be so annoying and wear inappropriate clothing. It's like they can't see what everyone else is seeing. Like the bathroom mirror. You know you always look good in your bathroom mirror. There is something about that particular mirror that is extremely misleading. It makes wilder beasts think they look cute and it easily convinces dudes to come out the house with the wrong size shirt on. Every dude think they look swole and every girl think they look sexy in the bathroom mirror. It's the magical mirror of Disney! Anyway... back to my point about certain people. Say you know a really alright guy (I don't throw the word cool at people loosely like some people do - cheap shot at Allison for vouching for anyone),but he's bearable. But he has this slight personality flaw, he doesn't know when to stop. He makes a joke, it's funny, you laugh...but he doesn't stop with it. Not that he is saying a new joke or adding to it, but HE IS repeating himself. Does he honestly think the laughs are going to keep rolling in if he keeps saying the same thing? Am I an infant you can keep smiling and goggling at for hours AND I would just as pleased every time like it's the first time you did it? I know it feels good to have people laugh at your jokes, but come on, you don't want pity laughs. Nice people give out the pity chuckles. Assholes like me, put on the straight face hoping your monkey ass catches the hint. And then why when someone says "dude, it's not funny anymore" then it's like there is something wrong with me?! I'm the hater of your grand and amazing comedic skills (sarcasm). What do you do with people that have no clue?

September 09, 2008

Your Favorite Me...On at 8 / 9 Central

I'm dumb. I'm a dodo. I'm live in the hood, but I work on the low though. And...I'm still in the ghetto. Hit the barbershop before any photos. I'm dumb. A nigga with a $30 shape-up, boy. I spent 40 G's on a Japanese toy. I'm dumb, baby. Got a little money, so I can afford to front. Now tell me what you want? You like what you see? Yea I know, that's why the hood loves me! My swagger is so space age, they call me Apollo. I'm crazy dumb. Who does that describe? What about that really funny guy? The guy that makes me laugh without even saying a word...with a slight glance and we're on the same page. Damn, he has big ass smile. But I like it. And where does he come up with some of the things he says? Is he for real? And the acute observations? But so random. He is so funny. Have you ever wonder if that person you see on TV or in photos really like that? Can we all agree that people (and I mean everyone) to some extent put on a front? Not to say that that's not really you but it's an image we want to display. But have you ever considered that what you see in other people's life is an angled view and it could be quite different from actually living it. It's like a reality show. The camera and producers shape your image of the constant. With the right angles and cuts, you can make the short quick tempered belligerent drunk look like strikingly awesome cool party guy. We do that. We want people to have a particular image of us. Without Brittany Spears money, we are our own publicist. How often have you seen something and been like they should have done it another way? It is so easy to forget what someone else is thinking or what going on in their life, because we only see it from our own perspective. But a lot times it's harder to consider that others can not see and can not experience what I am experiencing. It's very real and common to forget that they are naive to what I am going through, unless I help them to understand. So often if you having been putting up a production for so long it's hard for others to imagine you as anything else. Whether it's being a gangster or being the sweet, easy to get along, nice guy all the time. If I was always smiling and nice, how would a causal viewer know I was unhappy or care to find out? If I am always funny and have jokes, does there have to be something wrong when I sit quietly and chill? There is nothing wrong with being complex and multidimensional or even dumb. Sometimes you need to show the behind the scenes of your show so your fans can get to know the real you, not just the one on display all the time in bright lights. So you can truly be appreciated for being the way God made you. I know it's an old word, but if you don't know what front means urbandictionary is your homeboy. Holla at your boy.

September 08, 2008

Evil Wishes

It takes a special asshole to wish harm upon someone else. I am feeling a little down right now because of Tom Brady's injury. Not so much because it was good friend of mine (didn't know the guy), not so much because I like the Patriots (I'm a Dallas fan), but because I had him on my fuckin' fantasy football team! Yes, fantasy football is that serious. Especially, since I had him in a keeper pay league. This is killing me. A hurt Tom Brady is costing me money. The worst thing is: I know what happened. There is some fucked up haters in this world. And as a Dallas fan in Washington, D.C. I know them well. These are the assholes that spit out lines like, I hope Tony Romo gets hurt. Who does that? Now Tom Brady is hurt because of some dickweed (yes, I took it old school - "dickweed") was making a gay ass wish. Warning: this is an angry post. So here is my wishes for the asshole who wish an evil wish on Tom Brady and fucked my wishes of easily winning a fat stack of cash(I wonder if I could of fit another "wish" in there?):
  1. Every time you pull out of a parking lot the police pull you over do a full cavity search with the meanest officer with the biggest man hands.
  2. You find out Michael Jackson was the donor for your test tube baby ass. (shout out to Robin Harris, RIP)
  3. Your first born looks like the crooked eyed dude from Goonies AND he got his looks from his grandma...yes, yo' momma.
  4. You get a nasty rash to the balls sack...Bitch, you are burning!
  5. You get stub fingers and a gimp arm on your jerk off side.
  6. You get the rare disease where no one in the whole entire world like your ass because are a completely useless piece of shit that someone left float in a gas station bathroom stall. Not even your momma likes you.
  7. Finally, for the rest of life you have the motherfucking bubble guts! The kind that burns and waters the eyes. And you can't even fart because shit WILL squeeze out (pun intended).

Stop at seven to keep it lucky.

September 07, 2008

Hurricanes Don't Scare Team Ari

This weekend was Hurricane Hanna, and I was invited to a friend's housewarming. But that didn't stop her. She is a party animal. First, let me follow directions and first say that my friend, Team Ari's friends are hot or hawt as they say. Check out the video embedded. It was a fun and interesting night. Despite the earlier rains and wind, there was a lot people out that night. I met a lot of new cool, semi-cool, and fun peeps that night fo' sho (that's my Flavor Flav). I would have to say that the most interesting person that night (besides Nick) was a nice pretty young lady named Stephanie. Stephanie liked my t-shirt. I was wearing my "Can't Sell Dope Forever" t-shirt. And the poor child thought it meant I was a drug dealer. After explaining to her dope is cocaine or heroin and not marijuana, we agreed to disagree and had a great discussion on social and political effects of the drug trade. I think I was able to convince her that 1. you don't get high on your own supply and 2. people (other than her, because she said she never would) really out grow drugs or at least should. It's like the old guy in the club, you can't be that guy. So you sell weed in college, then you graduate. You going to still continue? Who's your new customers? What's the risk/reward value now? Can't you make more with a degree than pushing dimes and nicks? Hopefully, one day sweetie will see my point. ...Or was she fucking with me?! Come to think about it, we had a lot in common. Admittedly, we both like to play devil's advocate. haha, funny i think she got me. Shout outs is so hood, but fun. So let me give some shout outs. Shout out to Team Ari and her roommates, it always a pleasure. Shout out to Omid, for hanging with me and providing the laughs. Shout to Allison and Jenny, the dynamic duo. Special Big ups to Jenny for letting the girls breathe. Jenny is butter! Shout out to the Jack Black/Shaggy Doo/Ben for spinning all the hits like Coolio! Shout out to Stephanie for her determination, I guess it's OK to be a weed head for life. I don't judge. Big ups to Allison, for providing us with plenty of cheese that night. Shout out Allison, Jenny, and Renee's high school friend that crashed the party, he was the coolest says Allison several times. Shout out to Lauren, I was SO feeling the Barack Obama button. Lauren earn a hundred cool points from me. Shout to Greg, for not being afraid to ask questions. And no, I haven't seen Jordan lately. Shout to Jeff, for feeling what I was saying on the couch. I'm always right, homie. Shout out to Renee, for not hiding those pretty eyes from the camera. They need to be shared with the world. Shout out to Matt and the "Team Ari Security Team." Shout out to the Radford chick, for being for Sigma Pi before being against them, the republican party needs more people like you. Shout to Nick, for being the funniest guy alive! "I want Five Guys" too. lol And a huge big ups to Team Ari, for keeping it real with me on and off camera. Thanks for listening to me, and I so value what you say. Peace. I'm out till next time.

September 02, 2008

University of Maryland Rock and Roll pt 2

Simple Pleasure #1: The song has been banned but the fans still sing it. This is the hardest version of the song in the world and sung at every Terp game. The song speaks to the soul. F*ck Duke!!!!

Back in to Rainbow Six Vegas...2

Yesterday, I played video games most of the day. I learned two things. One, the 49ners are a horrible team to use in Madden. And two, rainbow six vegas 2 is still a great game! After not playing for what seems like half a year, only after 10 mins I was back in form. The latest update was a great one and added a few more months to the lifetime of the game in my opinion.

September 01, 2008


So I'm happy to say I have added two new terms this past weekend in to my rotation. On friday, I went on a Happy Hour Margarita Cruise. I met two Middle School teachers there, which is really cool. Oh yea, they were fairly young teachers. My conversation are never how is the weather type, so I'm telling the ladies of my latest "thing." I like to point out lesbian couples. Not the gay ones, just the lesbians. I like to go, "oh, look. there's a cute lesbian couple." That's my latest "thing" to do out in public with friends. Well, one of the teachers tells me of the gay girl in her Middle School class. Term one: She called her a "Lil Wayne disciple." I love it. The little girl looked like Lil Wayne, but I assume without the extremely ugly face. Anyway, the little girl dresses and acts like a gangsta boy, even does the whole voice over thing. Now there was the tale of the cutest girl in the grade and all the boys was trying to holler at her, and guess who gets her number? yep, Lil Miss Wayne. Now let me say now, the little girl was upset when she found out Lil Miss Wayne was actually a Miss. But it's a great story. Ready for term two? OK, so one day my new favorite Middle School teacher is sitting in class and the class has something occupying them. So the teacher pulls out an apple and takes a bite. As she bites the apple, Lil Miss Wayne watches her lips pressed on the apple skin taking a bite and says out loud, "vibrations." HAHAHA!!!!!! OMG!! Vaginal Vibrations? ha ha I love it. The teacher said she had to get up and leave the class when she heard that so she would not hurt that little girl. I laughed so hard. Mmmm vibrations....