September 08, 2008

Evil Wishes

It takes a special asshole to wish harm upon someone else. I am feeling a little down right now because of Tom Brady's injury. Not so much because it was good friend of mine (didn't know the guy), not so much because I like the Patriots (I'm a Dallas fan), but because I had him on my fuckin' fantasy football team! Yes, fantasy football is that serious. Especially, since I had him in a keeper pay league. This is killing me. A hurt Tom Brady is costing me money. The worst thing is: I know what happened. There is some fucked up haters in this world. And as a Dallas fan in Washington, D.C. I know them well. These are the assholes that spit out lines like, I hope Tony Romo gets hurt. Who does that? Now Tom Brady is hurt because of some dickweed (yes, I took it old school - "dickweed") was making a gay ass wish. Warning: this is an angry post. So here is my wishes for the asshole who wish an evil wish on Tom Brady and fucked my wishes of easily winning a fat stack of cash(I wonder if I could of fit another "wish" in there?):
  1. Every time you pull out of a parking lot the police pull you over do a full cavity search with the meanest officer with the biggest man hands.
  2. You find out Michael Jackson was the donor for your test tube baby ass. (shout out to Robin Harris, RIP)
  3. Your first born looks like the crooked eyed dude from Goonies AND he got his looks from his grandma...yes, yo' momma.
  4. You get a nasty rash to the balls sack...Bitch, you are burning!
  5. You get stub fingers and a gimp arm on your jerk off side.
  6. You get the rare disease where no one in the whole entire world like your ass because are a completely useless piece of shit that someone left float in a gas station bathroom stall. Not even your momma likes you.
  7. Finally, for the rest of life you have the motherfucking bubble guts! The kind that burns and waters the eyes. And you can't even fart because shit WILL squeeze out (pun intended).

Stop at seven to keep it lucky.

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