September 11, 2008

Don't Drink and Post

9/11... I woke up to George Bush's simple looking mug this morning. They was opening the new pentagon 9/11 memorial to the public. And to be honest it was a reminder that we are living in a post 9/11 time frame. It's depressing if you ask me. After the attacks we had a unique opportunity to bring together the world and address the Islamic fanaticism. But our elected government fucked it up, by changing it's focus to another country and for other unknown reason's which to me wasn't as prudent as finding the assholes that killed the American citizens that did nothing but go to work that day. I mean how bad can you drop the ball? It's been seven long ass year and no Osama Bin Laden. I mean he is the second most recognizable person in the world, behind Michael Jackson. I don't understand how people give the folks in charge another chance to fuck up some more shit. Shit, Dog the Bounty Hunter would have found him by now and tried to save him with Jesus. Also 9/11 is a reminder to watch out for the haters in the world. I mean come on, I likes haters. I get it. The world needs haters, to let people know that others are jealous of what they are doing. But the Al-Qaeda are on a whole other level. Despite whatever reason they give they are certified haters. They are the worst type of hater, they don't hate just on individuals and styles but the hate on countries. How did your hate of Israel turn into the hating on the US? Your hating knows no limits! They hate that our woman look hotter not wearing dark table cloths (I've been happy hour drinking, I might regret this post). They hate on our freedom to enjoy our lives. That's some real hating right there. Jealousy causes the hating. They secretly/subconsciously wish they could live the American dream like the rap videos. Money, G4 planes, global love from the people, and big booty woman. If they could, fighting over the deserts of Israel wouldn't be shit next to regular young pussy. Al-Qaeda's priorities are fucked up. Yall need some freedoms like smoking( I'm against drugs but them motherfuckers need to calm down with that jihad shit), alcohol, and pretty looking women. I'm not saying their woman don't look good, I'm saying you should be able to enjoy God's gift to man...women. Unwrap them bitches(the phrase, not say they are really bitches...I love all women). You have a nice car, do you keep it in the garage to collect dust or do you wash it, shine it up, and take it on the town? Sure people may want your car, but it's yours. Jealousy, man. If you have a pretty and hot girl, treat her right and show her off. Pull the haters out, what are you scared of? If that's your girl, she coming home with you! Pull the haters out, expose them. Jealousy's a motherfucker, you weak jealous motherfuckers! If you a jealous motherfucker, you just a weak motherfucker! See when you on top, motherfuckers just wanna bring you down! Motherfuckers don't even know you, and they don't like you.. Y'all motherfuckers live off of negativity. What y'all niggaz need to get through your motherfucking heads is that, y'all fuckin' with some niggaz that's on a higher motherfucking level -- we don't give a fuck about what you think about; less how you feel about us; what you got to say about us we going keep doing our motherfucking thing from now till the year three thousand bitches! You can't breathe, you can't sleep, you can't eat without thinking about us! Without thinking about us to the end! We gonna kill you heartless motherfuckers! -Diddy on Notorious B.I.G.'s song My Downfall. That shit is on the soundtrack to my life!!!

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