September 09, 2008

Your Favorite Me...On at 8 / 9 Central

I'm dumb. I'm a dodo. I'm live in the hood, but I work on the low though. And...I'm still in the ghetto. Hit the barbershop before any photos. I'm dumb. A nigga with a $30 shape-up, boy. I spent 40 G's on a Japanese toy. I'm dumb, baby. Got a little money, so I can afford to front. Now tell me what you want? You like what you see? Yea I know, that's why the hood loves me! My swagger is so space age, they call me Apollo. I'm crazy dumb. Who does that describe? What about that really funny guy? The guy that makes me laugh without even saying a word...with a slight glance and we're on the same page. Damn, he has big ass smile. But I like it. And where does he come up with some of the things he says? Is he for real? And the acute observations? But so random. He is so funny. Have you ever wonder if that person you see on TV or in photos really like that? Can we all agree that people (and I mean everyone) to some extent put on a front? Not to say that that's not really you but it's an image we want to display. But have you ever considered that what you see in other people's life is an angled view and it could be quite different from actually living it. It's like a reality show. The camera and producers shape your image of the constant. With the right angles and cuts, you can make the short quick tempered belligerent drunk look like strikingly awesome cool party guy. We do that. We want people to have a particular image of us. Without Brittany Spears money, we are our own publicist. How often have you seen something and been like they should have done it another way? It is so easy to forget what someone else is thinking or what going on in their life, because we only see it from our own perspective. But a lot times it's harder to consider that others can not see and can not experience what I am experiencing. It's very real and common to forget that they are naive to what I am going through, unless I help them to understand. So often if you having been putting up a production for so long it's hard for others to imagine you as anything else. Whether it's being a gangster or being the sweet, easy to get along, nice guy all the time. If I was always smiling and nice, how would a causal viewer know I was unhappy or care to find out? If I am always funny and have jokes, does there have to be something wrong when I sit quietly and chill? There is nothing wrong with being complex and multidimensional or even dumb. Sometimes you need to show the behind the scenes of your show so your fans can get to know the real you, not just the one on display all the time in bright lights. So you can truly be appreciated for being the way God made you. I know it's an old word, but if you don't know what front means urbandictionary is your homeboy. Holla at your boy.

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