September 10, 2008

Tell Your Jokes to the Mirror

Have you ever notice that often things outlast your interest? Like hobbies and pop music, you get all in to them and then it gets kind of old and you lose interest. Rhianna, yes I want to stop the music! But what about when it comes to people? I mean you still like them, but they are just not as amusing as they once were when they were fresh. So what do you do? And you have a responsibility to tell them or just try to distant yourself from them in the most least awkward way. I mean, you enjoy them but not too much of them. I know I can be too much lot so I try not to be, you know... too much. Then there are people that suffer from a lack of self awareness. They can be so annoying and wear inappropriate clothing. It's like they can't see what everyone else is seeing. Like the bathroom mirror. You know you always look good in your bathroom mirror. There is something about that particular mirror that is extremely misleading. It makes wilder beasts think they look cute and it easily convinces dudes to come out the house with the wrong size shirt on. Every dude think they look swole and every girl think they look sexy in the bathroom mirror. It's the magical mirror of Disney! Anyway... back to my point about certain people. Say you know a really alright guy (I don't throw the word cool at people loosely like some people do - cheap shot at Allison for vouching for anyone),but he's bearable. But he has this slight personality flaw, he doesn't know when to stop. He makes a joke, it's funny, you laugh...but he doesn't stop with it. Not that he is saying a new joke or adding to it, but HE IS repeating himself. Does he honestly think the laughs are going to keep rolling in if he keeps saying the same thing? Am I an infant you can keep smiling and goggling at for hours AND I would just as pleased every time like it's the first time you did it? I know it feels good to have people laugh at your jokes, but come on, you don't want pity laughs. Nice people give out the pity chuckles. Assholes like me, put on the straight face hoping your monkey ass catches the hint. And then why when someone says "dude, it's not funny anymore" then it's like there is something wrong with me?! I'm the hater of your grand and amazing comedic skills (sarcasm). What do you do with people that have no clue?

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