September 01, 2008


So I'm happy to say I have added two new terms this past weekend in to my rotation. On friday, I went on a Happy Hour Margarita Cruise. I met two Middle School teachers there, which is really cool. Oh yea, they were fairly young teachers. My conversation are never how is the weather type, so I'm telling the ladies of my latest "thing." I like to point out lesbian couples. Not the gay ones, just the lesbians. I like to go, "oh, look. there's a cute lesbian couple." That's my latest "thing" to do out in public with friends. Well, one of the teachers tells me of the gay girl in her Middle School class. Term one: She called her a "Lil Wayne disciple." I love it. The little girl looked like Lil Wayne, but I assume without the extremely ugly face. Anyway, the little girl dresses and acts like a gangsta boy, even does the whole voice over thing. Now there was the tale of the cutest girl in the grade and all the boys was trying to holler at her, and guess who gets her number? yep, Lil Miss Wayne. Now let me say now, the little girl was upset when she found out Lil Miss Wayne was actually a Miss. But it's a great story. Ready for term two? OK, so one day my new favorite Middle School teacher is sitting in class and the class has something occupying them. So the teacher pulls out an apple and takes a bite. As she bites the apple, Lil Miss Wayne watches her lips pressed on the apple skin taking a bite and says out loud, "vibrations." HAHAHA!!!!!! OMG!! Vaginal Vibrations? ha ha I love it. The teacher said she had to get up and leave the class when she heard that so she would not hurt that little girl. I laughed so hard. Mmmm vibrations....

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