August 31, 2008

My Top Blog Posts

Lacking a creative thought, I found a list of blog post ideas online, one item was to list your top blog posts. That's easy, I don't have that many to choose from! But here it goes: My Current Top 10:
  1. My Response to the an Bathroom Experience Email Like many of my early blog posts this was an email I wrote and then later added to the blog because I liked it so much.
  2. Hip Hop Talk This is an interview of two of my good friends in the music biz. Check out D Moon's blog in my links section.
  3. What I’m Listening To: 4-3-06 Statistically my most viewed posts are the music mixes.
  4. Ignorance is Bliss This was a short mental comment that I loved that made it to the blog.
  5. The Legend of Will Wash A Dolemite inspired poem. Big ups to the great late Rudy Ray Moore!!!
  6. When Irony Met Karma One of very few diary type of entries.
  7. State of the William Address Part II (almost 6 months later) The second ever State of the William mass email. A classic as far as State of William Addresses's about to be 4 years old!
  8. Big Cuz Got Slumped I posted one of the fight videos I recorded when me and the boys use to cruise the city. It's popular on youtube too.
  9. The State of the William Address 2006 (the shakedown version) I wrote two versions that year and this was the most popular one. Also this is the latest one, I haven't written one since.
  10. Proof There Are Black Dime Pieces Other Than Beyonce Hands down the most fun and controversial blog post I have ever done.

I guess I have to do another 50 posts before I can do a top ten list again. :(

...and yes I have more than 50 post already, now go read them all!!!!

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