April 30, 2010

Heads Up Alert!!!

Shout out to Damelia for this one.  There is  a website that is collecting and giving away your personal information like age with pictures, home info with pictures, location, and how many people living in it, your credit score, profession, social networks you belong to and hosts of other info like how much you make.  Spokeo.com is a partially free online phonebook and reverse info look up site…great for bounty hunters and STALKERS!!

4-30-2010 12-06-54 PM

I know we live in the modern times with your information is everywhere but we all should be careful.  Thankfully, I have a very common name so finding me will require some effort. But to remove yourself from the free searches, look yourself up and copy the URL, then click the privacy link at the bottom and paste your URL.  *Note* This only removes that page from the free searches and only on that particular site…they still got ya!

The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 5

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The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 5. Special Guest Dom.

Talking about my car, sex as an old person, Dom would be on TMZ, breaking the ice and opening up, can't we be friends, the female mind is mysterious, dating vs hooking up.


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April 28, 2010

The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 4

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The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 4. Special Guest Damelia of Something About Meme
Check out D-Mills here: http://somethingabtmeme.blogspot.com
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April 17, 2010

The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 3

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The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 3. P-Funk Episode.


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April 15, 2010

Another Reason Amazon Rules

As I mention before I got an iPad for my birthday, one major feature is the ebook reader call iBook.  I tried it out and it was nice and all but there wasn’t any books in the Apple iBookstore that I wanted to read, so I was still buying real books on Amazon.com and at Borders.  I get recommendations for stuff to read all the time and so one day my friend Ingo suggests a money book to read.  Having the new iPad, first I look for it on iBookstore but it doesn’t have it.  Then I look on Amazon and of course it’s there but they also have a electronic version (Kindle version) for half of the paper book cost.  And FTW Amazon has now released a iPad app of the Kindle software and Kindle software for a bunch of other Operating Systems...all free!  Including iPhone, Windows, Mac, and BlackBerry with more on the way.  Along with many free e-books.

So I was like what the hell, let me compare the Apple book reading to the Amazon.  Apple’s software is slightly nicer, I like the highlighting text feature but good Lord, Amazon has so many books available.  I got a couple of technical programming books for half the cost of off the self that are close to existing in iBookstore yet also some random books ranging from free unheard of novels to how to books.

But here is what caused me to post this and share.  Last night I was reading on the iPad and placed a bookmark and then flipped some pages ahead to see how far I had to go for the chapter and turn it off.  This morning I’m at my work computer, I install and open the Kindle Software for windows because I want to look at the book I was reading and try some of the exercises. One the book share unlike iTunes and shit where it’s linked to a device.  Instead it’s linked to my Amazon log in. So I see all my purchases, when I open the book in particular it jumps straight to the page I left off at which was the pages ahead.  I click bookmarks and all my bookmarks are there.  Everything is synced. I love it.  Now i just need a Kindle Software version for my Windows Mobile cell phone which I think I saw as set for release on April 29th. This will make books easily available in boring moments and no more lugging around my big programming books.

April 07, 2010

The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 2

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The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 2. Special Guest Dom


or download:
The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 2.mp3

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April 06, 2010

Why Do You Like Them?

washington_redskins-783 Growing up in the Washington DC area as Cowboys fan I am frequently asked why or how am I a Cowboy’s fan.  I challenge, how are you a Redskin fan?  It is better to be a fan of any other team in the league.  If it’s because it’s the home team then take responsibility for them.

The Redskin name is an insult to America and I can simply tell you why.  You shouldn’t be proud of them until the organization becomes something to be proud of.  Please answer this, would you walk around with a New York Kikes Jersey with a trademark Image like this: racist jew picture

No, right?

What about the Atlanta Niggers, Miami Chinks, or Los Angeles Spics merchandise?  Man, everyone minority group would be angry if an organization did something like that.  And at the nation’s capital at that.  Just because America has nearly wiped out the Native American population doesn’t mean that it’s ok.  They don’t like the Redskin name it is just as insulting as being called a cracker, chink, nigger, spic, towel head or another derogatory racial slur.  The Redskin team being in Washington, DC is a disgrace to the multiculturalism of the United States and constant reminder of what is not great about this country and the way it’s citizens treats one another.  It would less offensive if it wasn’t in the capital but in some “redneck” city where we may expect such overt racism.  So Redskin fans that want to retire the n-word but what about the red-word?


Yes as a Cowboys fan, I do feel a moral superiority because I made a choice not to support racism.

April 05, 2010

I Got An iPad!

I don’t think I have felt more pressure to write than I have today, so I present…my impressions of the new Apple iPad.  Let me first start off by saying thanks to Susan for the awesome birthday present (Wayne’s World voice, “I’m not worthy!”).  Second, this device is a the start of a new generation of mobile devices.  This son of a bitch is pretty, fast, light, and as smooth as watery shit.  The interface is  surprise responsive.  And so easy and simple to a fault at least for me.

This is probably the finest piece of technology I have had the pleasure of playing with since the xbox 360...not Playstation 3 though (it wasn’t ground breaking).  I can’t help but think this is the future of computing because it works so well.  There are small minor problems like the glare on the screen, no multitasking, no usb ports, and expensive 3G but the biggest problem is that it a toy.  It’s not a tool for me.  It’s not for everyone.  Let me see if I can explain this…It can be used by anyone but it’s not for everyone.  After an hour of playing with it, loading apps, I’m left holding it wondering what am I going to do with this.  All the things that’s it’s good at doing I have stuff that does it better or I don’t need it.  Right now the ebook reader is what excites me most, but the types of books I read are not available in the ebook from yet (mostly technical programming books).  Web browsing is good, but I prefer a computers, the whole right-click and saving thing; also I like multiple windows when I surf the web.  I lost my ipod and didn’t notice for 9 months so I’m not looking for a 9 inch ipod.  Netflix and videos are better seen on the big ass tvs I love dearly.  I don’t travel enough to need the 3G version and when I am home I don’t need the wifi device because i am at home and have the access and the device is not an improvement on my already existing setup.  Maybe if I didn’t already have the stuff I have, this would be a godsend.  Basically, to get the most out this device you need to look at your lifestyle and see if you can use it.  Because it’s not an laptop you can’t install just anything on it.  If there is something you want to use it for then you would need either an app or an web app for it.  That’s what I will use it for to test for make my own apps.  But don’t let the hype fool you into thinking it’s just a bigger iphone, it kind of is but it kicks the phones ass with it’s eyes close.  This bitch is several times bigger and 60% faster.  Browsing the web on your cellphone after using this is some caveman shit. This device will make most new phones look like flip phones after the smart phones came out.

Missing I would like to see:

  • OS sandbox to install software outside of the app store.
  • Lower the owning cost, from the $30 per month for 3G to $9-$15 books, $5-$15 apps, $2 comics, $3-$15 games.  It’s setup to make you buy everything from the overpriced iTunes Store.
  • I would greatly like a webcam
  • get rid of the glare and fingerprints, I mean we can put a man on the moon but we ain’t got fingerprint proof screens yet.
  • I need a way to program and write software on it.

I’m not done yet, only had it for a day…might change my mind on some things.


E-40 is $16 on itunes and $8 on Amazon…


Internet Browsing is so pretty on the iPad.


And there is a bunch of news apps for the news junkies.



Excellent E-Reader

IMG_0008 IMG_0009

IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028IMG_0029 IMG_0030

And tons of apps for whatever you like…

IMG_0039 IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0031 IMG_0033 IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0038

April 01, 2010

The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 1

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The Will Wash Podcast - Episode 1. Special Guest Ari of

Explore In Couture.  

Talking about Twitter Whore Kat Stack, Gays that don't need to come out, Bootys, TV, and Social Networking.

Follow her here:

And check Ari out here:


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