April 30, 2010

Heads Up Alert!!!

Shout out to Damelia for this one.  There is  a website that is collecting and giving away your personal information like age with pictures, home info with pictures, location, and how many people living in it, your credit score, profession, social networks you belong to and hosts of other info like how much you make.  Spokeo.com is a partially free online phonebook and reverse info look up site…great for bounty hunters and STALKERS!!

4-30-2010 12-06-54 PM

I know we live in the modern times with your information is everywhere but we all should be careful.  Thankfully, I have a very common name so finding me will require some effort. But to remove yourself from the free searches, look yourself up and copy the URL, then click the privacy link at the bottom and paste your URL.  *Note* This only removes that page from the free searches and only on that particular site…they still got ya!

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