April 15, 2010

Another Reason Amazon Rules

As I mention before I got an iPad for my birthday, one major feature is the ebook reader call iBook.  I tried it out and it was nice and all but there wasn’t any books in the Apple iBookstore that I wanted to read, so I was still buying real books on Amazon.com and at Borders.  I get recommendations for stuff to read all the time and so one day my friend Ingo suggests a money book to read.  Having the new iPad, first I look for it on iBookstore but it doesn’t have it.  Then I look on Amazon and of course it’s there but they also have a electronic version (Kindle version) for half of the paper book cost.  And FTW Amazon has now released a iPad app of the Kindle software and Kindle software for a bunch of other Operating Systems...all free!  Including iPhone, Windows, Mac, and BlackBerry with more on the way.  Along with many free e-books.

So I was like what the hell, let me compare the Apple book reading to the Amazon.  Apple’s software is slightly nicer, I like the highlighting text feature but good Lord, Amazon has so many books available.  I got a couple of technical programming books for half the cost of off the self that are close to existing in iBookstore yet also some random books ranging from free unheard of novels to how to books.

But here is what caused me to post this and share.  Last night I was reading on the iPad and placed a bookmark and then flipped some pages ahead to see how far I had to go for the chapter and turn it off.  This morning I’m at my work computer, I install and open the Kindle Software for windows because I want to look at the book I was reading and try some of the exercises. One the book share unlike iTunes and shit where it’s linked to a device.  Instead it’s linked to my Amazon log in. So I see all my purchases, when I open the book in particular it jumps straight to the page I left off at which was the pages ahead.  I click bookmarks and all my bookmarks are there.  Everything is synced. I love it.  Now i just need a Kindle Software version for my Windows Mobile cell phone which I think I saw as set for release on April 29th. This will make books easily available in boring moments and no more lugging around my big programming books.

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  1. I figured out how to highlight and make notes in the kindle software.