May 25, 2009

More Age of Conan - Level 45

Slowly climbing the experience ladder. Screenshots and video of my leveling. Screenshots are from the Sanctum of Burning Souls dungeon and random places. And also, I posted video of a quest in one of the villas, for those who wanted to see actual gameplay. Music is from Eminem's new album, the song is called 3 AM...great song.

Sanctum of Burning Souls:

I had to help this little girl...Different adventure everyday.

Sometimes the scenery is so good you have to stop and take a picture.

This is Pretty Boy Floyd, well actually Fabio. Hate this guy! He put me through some BS missions.

This is a shot for MP, him and Dom thought my toon was a Jamaican dude. Took the hat off.

Also went to the Conall’s Valley in Cimmeria (Conan's home country) to help some lower level guys.

May not get all the blood and guts of a barbarian but healers kick major booty in the Age of Conan. No standing back spamming...can get up close and personal too. Villa gameplay:

I plan to keep you up to date as I try to reach level 80.

May 21, 2009

In the Age of Conan - Pyramid of the Ancients

I tried out the computer game Age of Conan when it first came out a year ago. Played for a while but lost interest and let it go by the way side. So several weeks ago I decide to pick it back up. I wanted to do something different. So I created a new character and started from the ground up. I decided to play a priest/healer in this action based role playing game. I also I decided to make my character a female. "I shall call her Billie Dub." Long story short, I got off beginner island and started the adventure to becoming a level 80 Tempest of Set. Leveling up in my home region of Stygia (desert area, Egypt-like), I found myself having to quest in to the Pyramid of Ancients. This clown, Oracle of Derketo, has lead his followers to this place and trapped them. His followers happen to be hot topless chicks. I find out that this place is the prison of Lord Atum-Keket, who I must killed because of his handcuffing and killing of hot chicks. I take the challenge and enter the Pyramid of the Ancients. Shortly after entering I come across a lady looking for help. Her sister is missing and she ask me to find her. I know dude has her so I accept the challenge. Inside, I run in to that clown from out outside talking shit. He wasn't real, just a spirit talking shit. I find the girl's sister and she is being held against her will and ask me to free her. So I go kill the guy torturing her to get the key to free her. I faced traps, spirits, mini bosses, and talking statues to get to the chamber housing Lord Atum-Keket. Finally, I get to the chamber and guess who's there? That bamma Golddust. After couple of hurting blows, he reveals himself to really be Lord Atum-Keket. That bamma was one shotting me. It took me ten times to figure out how to stop dying. But eventually I figure out the key and I crushed the bamma.

May 13, 2009

Just A Word...

Relationships are dead are the feelings of most people not in seriously committed ones (married or on the way to). Statistic prove it. Jaded, they are. People push each other away with negativity. Women frequently say there are no good men left and things to that nature to comfort and to receive amen's and applause's from other jaded women. That is neither productive nor true. It's entertaining along the lines (but not close) to the fun of Nazi Germany blaming the Jews for their problems. A bit of advice, do like the guys do. We don't tell our boy that there are no good women out there, we know there are. We say our boy is too good for her, specifically. And then to proceed to list mental hang ups, crazy things she done or said, and everyone she has slept with. My favorite is mourning our boy that made the mistake of getting with a girl he was too good for. Now he can't come out to hang because taking care of other dude's kids. Can't check email or receive phone calls because she paranoid. His self esteem is crushed because she be dogging him out with her craziness. We drink to his death and laugh about it and hope he doesn't knock her up.

But there are good women and dudes out there. They just need to stay way from the ones with issues. So tell them that way.

May 09, 2009

Another Crazy Dream

Last night I had this crazy dream. Start off in some caves and there is a group of scientist in there. They are not safe in there and they ask me to guide them and protect them, because hostiles keep respawning up around them in the cave. So I help fight them off but every time I make a suggestion on what to do next to keep safe they say do something else. Justifying it as the smarter thing to do. They keep making snide remarks about how much smarter they are. I try to remind them that common sense and heart factor in, not just book smarts. They needed to listen to me. I get pissed and got off on the lead guy. I say I'm not stupid, I'm smarter than you think and run off a list of life accomplishments in anger. To prove my point I left them own their own. Later I came back and asked them if they still needed help and helped them again. Well, we get in to this big grand fight and my gun runs out of bullets and I have to switch to a smaller left handed gun. Well I after I fend them off in epic fashion, I go to the head scientist and I ask him for his right handed gun. I say I am better with the right handed one, let's switch. He says no he is right handed and rejects my argument that is more important for me to be in a better performance situation to defend. So I say fuck it and quit. I told them they are on there own and left them again. Well I go back in to the cave and I'm going through tunnels and come the location. There are bosses lurking in the room- MMO style. I separate the minions from the bosses and pick them off one by one. While I am fighting, another group comes in an starts fighting with bosses too. I take advantage of the distraction to clear out the room. When the room is cleared, I'm left with an evil priest, an evil business man, and a mother and her little girl, had to be 6 or 7. I'm demanding the money and treasure. I'm holding them hostage and threaten to shoot them if they don't do what I say. I ask the little girl where is the money, she says on the third floor second room on the right. I tell the mother you are going to unlock this treasure for me or I will make you watch your daughter suck my dick. wow I'm cold. As she is getting the stuff out of the wall safe and I feel threaten by one of the evil guys. So I slit his throat and stab him in the kidney with a hunting knife. Someone comments on efficient my kill was; admiring and warning the hostages. Now there seems to be a hand full of hostages, a lot more than before. I send someone to go get the money for me. They say I don't know where is. So I tell them it's upstairs third floor two doors to the right. While they are getting the money I confront the evil priest about what going on in this community, refuses to give in and repent. I lift up my gun and pull the trigger to shoot him in the throat, but it fire a BB instead of a bullet. I get upset and unload the BB gun on his throat. I becomes battered and bruised from the pellets. By now the money was back and there was whole lot of hostages. The mother asks me, what now? I say it's pretty much over, I can't leave we are surrounded. I tell the hostages that no matter what happens to me they (The Man) can not take back the money I stole. You can keep your jobs, they were mine workers that were about to be laid off because of the recession. Don't let them take the money, it's spent on yall jobs. It was nightfall by then and all the hostages, a hundred by now, are turned watching TV in the cave. I'm behind them in a lawn chair. I tell the little girl to go get the toys I gifted for her. When she goes away, I put my head in my hands between my legs in the chair and start crying. Starts off weak then turns in to an all out ball. I'm whining, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die." I knew I had to die, and it was not a choice. So I kept crying, like a child. It made everyone around sad to hear a grown man giving a real cry. Ended up on the floor by the time the little girl came back. She sit down besides me without a word and played with the toys. It calms me as my crying dies down to a whimper. Finally, I get up and get a couple of thank yous from the hostages. I say don't let them take your jobs, they can't do that. It's not right. The mother comes and gives me a hug and a kiss. Then I walk to the door of the cave to die, not looking back.

May 07, 2009

Do You Tweet?

So yesterday I was telling Travis, despite how much Twitter is growing it has a terrible retention rate after a month of usage. Then Travis (a long time user) showed me some of the stuff you can do, it was pretty cool. So I'm giving Twitter another chance, but doing it right this time. Now for the ignorant people (not in the dumbass way, but in the lack of real knowledge way), Twitter for the most part is not people giving a minute by minute account of their daily life. Actually I haven't seen one of those people [that do that] yet. Twitter is just micro-blogging. 140 character blog entries. Also the entries could be photos, video, links, or even audio (just found that out from Ashton Kutcher's). First the back story. I signed up for Twitter a while back for the same reasons I sign up for most reserve my user name. lol But Twitter was weak to me. It was just status updates and I had to keep refreshing the page and shit. I just set up my cell phone to send updates, added it to my Outlook RSS reader, and then let it fall to the way side. Now after speaking to Travis, it was time to upgrade. My biggest complaint was the browser refreshing. To fix that he said I should try a Twitter client. These clients do most of the work for you and add additional features that make using Twitter easy. Travis suggested Tweetie, but that was for the Mac. So I looked at the clients my friends were using to post updates. This was easy, just look at what someone said and then there would be the phrase "via something" and that "something" would be their client. Click the link and it took me to the software homepage. I found two good ones, TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop. Both allow you to link your Twitter and Facebook account so you get all the status updates in one place. Now this programs are all well and good, but I also wanted a simpler option. I did some more research and found a gadget for Gmail that added Twitter to my Gmail window. It's called TwitterGadget. This is a huge convince that means any browser I use for Gmail, I can also use for Twitter updates and posting. I keep Gmail open 90% of my day for emails and google chatting. Also an *Extreme Goodness Warning* for all the people that have jobs with limited internet access, like no Facebook. If you get Gmail at work, you will have Twitter too. Finally I needed a way to get the updated and more importantly post pictures from my cell phone. There is a bunch of programs for the iPhone and Blackberry. But I have a Fuze which is Windows Mobile. So I hit the forums and found one for my phone that works amazingly well. It's called PockeTwit. So now that I have all the programs that I need, what's next? Two things, follow people and micro-blog for my followers. I just posted a picture of a guy with a bald head and a struggling rat tail that I seen in Silver Spring. Twitters of Interest: CNN Breaking New (#1 on Twitter) Ashton Kutcher (#3 on Twitter after Brittney Spears) Me!! John Mayer (Twitter broke up his relationship) Erykah Badu Quest Love from the Roots Alyssa Milano Jesse Jane (porn star) Lance Armstrong Tila Tequila Travis You can find/stalk your favorite celebrity here on CelebrityTweet. By the way Celebs post pictures too. Ashton has nice ones of his wife Demi Moore in the granny panties. lol