May 25, 2009

More Age of Conan - Level 45

Slowly climbing the experience ladder. Screenshots and video of my leveling. Screenshots are from the Sanctum of Burning Souls dungeon and random places. And also, I posted video of a quest in one of the villas, for those who wanted to see actual gameplay. Music is from Eminem's new album, the song is called 3 AM...great song.

Sanctum of Burning Souls:

I had to help this little girl...Different adventure everyday.

Sometimes the scenery is so good you have to stop and take a picture.

This is Pretty Boy Floyd, well actually Fabio. Hate this guy! He put me through some BS missions.

This is a shot for MP, him and Dom thought my toon was a Jamaican dude. Took the hat off.

Also went to the Conall’s Valley in Cimmeria (Conan's home country) to help some lower level guys.

May not get all the blood and guts of a barbarian but healers kick major booty in the Age of Conan. No standing back spamming...can get up close and personal too. Villa gameplay:

I plan to keep you up to date as I try to reach level 80.

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