May 07, 2009

Do You Tweet?

So yesterday I was telling Travis, despite how much Twitter is growing it has a terrible retention rate after a month of usage. Then Travis (a long time user) showed me some of the stuff you can do, it was pretty cool. So I'm giving Twitter another chance, but doing it right this time. Now for the ignorant people (not in the dumbass way, but in the lack of real knowledge way), Twitter for the most part is not people giving a minute by minute account of their daily life. Actually I haven't seen one of those people [that do that] yet. Twitter is just micro-blogging. 140 character blog entries. Also the entries could be photos, video, links, or even audio (just found that out from Ashton Kutcher's). First the back story. I signed up for Twitter a while back for the same reasons I sign up for most reserve my user name. lol But Twitter was weak to me. It was just status updates and I had to keep refreshing the page and shit. I just set up my cell phone to send updates, added it to my Outlook RSS reader, and then let it fall to the way side. Now after speaking to Travis, it was time to upgrade. My biggest complaint was the browser refreshing. To fix that he said I should try a Twitter client. These clients do most of the work for you and add additional features that make using Twitter easy. Travis suggested Tweetie, but that was for the Mac. So I looked at the clients my friends were using to post updates. This was easy, just look at what someone said and then there would be the phrase "via something" and that "something" would be their client. Click the link and it took me to the software homepage. I found two good ones, TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop. Both allow you to link your Twitter and Facebook account so you get all the status updates in one place. Now this programs are all well and good, but I also wanted a simpler option. I did some more research and found a gadget for Gmail that added Twitter to my Gmail window. It's called TwitterGadget. This is a huge convince that means any browser I use for Gmail, I can also use for Twitter updates and posting. I keep Gmail open 90% of my day for emails and google chatting. Also an *Extreme Goodness Warning* for all the people that have jobs with limited internet access, like no Facebook. If you get Gmail at work, you will have Twitter too. Finally I needed a way to get the updated and more importantly post pictures from my cell phone. There is a bunch of programs for the iPhone and Blackberry. But I have a Fuze which is Windows Mobile. So I hit the forums and found one for my phone that works amazingly well. It's called PockeTwit. So now that I have all the programs that I need, what's next? Two things, follow people and micro-blog for my followers. I just posted a picture of a guy with a bald head and a struggling rat tail that I seen in Silver Spring. Twitters of Interest: CNN Breaking New (#1 on Twitter) Ashton Kutcher (#3 on Twitter after Brittney Spears) Me!! John Mayer (Twitter broke up his relationship) Erykah Badu Quest Love from the Roots Alyssa Milano Jesse Jane (porn star) Lance Armstrong Tila Tequila Travis You can find/stalk your favorite celebrity here on CelebrityTweet. By the way Celebs post pictures too. Ashton has nice ones of his wife Demi Moore in the granny panties. lol

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