May 13, 2009

Just A Word...

Relationships are dead are the feelings of most people not in seriously committed ones (married or on the way to). Statistic prove it. Jaded, they are. People push each other away with negativity. Women frequently say there are no good men left and things to that nature to comfort and to receive amen's and applause's from other jaded women. That is neither productive nor true. It's entertaining along the lines (but not close) to the fun of Nazi Germany blaming the Jews for their problems. A bit of advice, do like the guys do. We don't tell our boy that there are no good women out there, we know there are. We say our boy is too good for her, specifically. And then to proceed to list mental hang ups, crazy things she done or said, and everyone she has slept with. My favorite is mourning our boy that made the mistake of getting with a girl he was too good for. Now he can't come out to hang because taking care of other dude's kids. Can't check email or receive phone calls because she paranoid. His self esteem is crushed because she be dogging him out with her craziness. We drink to his death and laugh about it and hope he doesn't knock her up.

But there are good women and dudes out there. They just need to stay way from the ones with issues. So tell them that way.

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