May 09, 2009

Another Crazy Dream

Last night I had this crazy dream. Start off in some caves and there is a group of scientist in there. They are not safe in there and they ask me to guide them and protect them, because hostiles keep respawning up around them in the cave. So I help fight them off but every time I make a suggestion on what to do next to keep safe they say do something else. Justifying it as the smarter thing to do. They keep making snide remarks about how much smarter they are. I try to remind them that common sense and heart factor in, not just book smarts. They needed to listen to me. I get pissed and got off on the lead guy. I say I'm not stupid, I'm smarter than you think and run off a list of life accomplishments in anger. To prove my point I left them own their own. Later I came back and asked them if they still needed help and helped them again. Well, we get in to this big grand fight and my gun runs out of bullets and I have to switch to a smaller left handed gun. Well I after I fend them off in epic fashion, I go to the head scientist and I ask him for his right handed gun. I say I am better with the right handed one, let's switch. He says no he is right handed and rejects my argument that is more important for me to be in a better performance situation to defend. So I say fuck it and quit. I told them they are on there own and left them again. Well I go back in to the cave and I'm going through tunnels and come the location. There are bosses lurking in the room- MMO style. I separate the minions from the bosses and pick them off one by one. While I am fighting, another group comes in an starts fighting with bosses too. I take advantage of the distraction to clear out the room. When the room is cleared, I'm left with an evil priest, an evil business man, and a mother and her little girl, had to be 6 or 7. I'm demanding the money and treasure. I'm holding them hostage and threaten to shoot them if they don't do what I say. I ask the little girl where is the money, she says on the third floor second room on the right. I tell the mother you are going to unlock this treasure for me or I will make you watch your daughter suck my dick. wow I'm cold. As she is getting the stuff out of the wall safe and I feel threaten by one of the evil guys. So I slit his throat and stab him in the kidney with a hunting knife. Someone comments on efficient my kill was; admiring and warning the hostages. Now there seems to be a hand full of hostages, a lot more than before. I send someone to go get the money for me. They say I don't know where is. So I tell them it's upstairs third floor two doors to the right. While they are getting the money I confront the evil priest about what going on in this community, refuses to give in and repent. I lift up my gun and pull the trigger to shoot him in the throat, but it fire a BB instead of a bullet. I get upset and unload the BB gun on his throat. I becomes battered and bruised from the pellets. By now the money was back and there was whole lot of hostages. The mother asks me, what now? I say it's pretty much over, I can't leave we are surrounded. I tell the hostages that no matter what happens to me they (The Man) can not take back the money I stole. You can keep your jobs, they were mine workers that were about to be laid off because of the recession. Don't let them take the money, it's spent on yall jobs. It was nightfall by then and all the hostages, a hundred by now, are turned watching TV in the cave. I'm behind them in a lawn chair. I tell the little girl to go get the toys I gifted for her. When she goes away, I put my head in my hands between my legs in the chair and start crying. Starts off weak then turns in to an all out ball. I'm whining, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die." I knew I had to die, and it was not a choice. So I kept crying, like a child. It made everyone around sad to hear a grown man giving a real cry. Ended up on the floor by the time the little girl came back. She sit down besides me without a word and played with the toys. It calms me as my crying dies down to a whimper. Finally, I get up and get a couple of thank yous from the hostages. I say don't let them take your jobs, they can't do that. It's not right. The mother comes and gives me a hug and a kiss. Then I walk to the door of the cave to die, not looking back.

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