January 21, 2009


Until I finish my video and write up on my inauguration experience, I'm give you a peek in to my "chattiness." A cut and paste job of an email conversation of why I don't want to the new Notorious movie about the Notorious B.I.G. Please forgive the poor grammar, writing Nazis...

Did you really like the Biggie movie? It feels so wrong.

LOL it was entertaining, and it really didn't make me roll my eyes. Did you see it? What I would have been most interested in, which was absent from the movie, was a sense of where Biggie's confidence in his music came from. He seemed like a happy-go-lucky dude, very cheesy, and then he would start rapping and he was a different person. Where did that character come from?

I haven't seen it. I'm in full protest mode of that movie. I don't see how it could be done correctly so soon and by his mother. It's not like a history channel movie or even Malcolm X for that matter. it's a fan film. I think of it like this...I wouldn't want my mother making a movie about my life, not that it would portray me in a bad light but quite the opposite. Look at the cast, Angela Basset as the mom, you know mom had a big part in that! Really, really surprised Diddy didn't play himself. Then the dialog and story. I really feel apprehensive about the quality, in regards to the writing, acting, and truthfulness compared to entertainment value. And basically, I have an opinion and feeling about BIG already, I don't want some fan movie tainting it with look- and not so much, lookalikes and their words. sorry for the rant.

LOL you don't have to apologize about ranting! What is your opinion of Biggie now? Actually you're right, she was the biggest actor in the movie (and did a bad job, and I really like her!) But if she didn't make the movie, who would?

oliver stone or spike lee, maybe?

not your momma or master p. Tupac's momma knew better. she will never let that shit happen while she is still alive. or get a white guy, not to be wrong, like American Gangster (which had top notch stars except T.I.).

But if one of those did it, where would they get all of their information from? The production and direction really wasn't as bad as you think (which I'm assuming you would believe would be vastly improved by directors like those) and the movie wasn't nearly as disjointed as I thought it would be (like Cadillac Records was)

[Please reply to *******@gmail.com, I'm breaking up with Yahoo Mail today]

aww what happened? the Nigerians??? they got my yahoo mail on lock. ...if I ever catch one of them I'm going beating the shit out of them.

To me it like BET doing a made for tv movie on Malcolm X instead of Spike Lee with a credible author. I hold BIG in high regards in the sense if you have to and I mean HAVE TO make a drama out of his life, you make it Oscar worthy. I rather have someone that knows nothing about BIG spend some years researching him than someone going off a tainted memory(either of love or hate) retelling his story to the world. remember the majority of the audience may not have grew up with BIG or was that much into him, that's why it's important to do it right like said a Malcolm X movie.

I know what you mean, in fact I agree, but see the movie first! Everything I thought about him was shown on screen, and I wasn't surprised by anything at all. That being said, maybe I should have been, because I can't even remember magazine articles I read about him, or a book, or a bio or anything, so why did I already know everything? Is that even a good thing? Did I get it all from allhiphop? Were all the rumors true? Was this movie based on rumor only??

I'm way too bias to see it now, I would be critical of everything from words to look and timeline. I don't think it is so much about the facts as is the image that I have of BIG personally. Maybe if I wasn't comfortable about my personally feelings and knowledge on the man I would watch it. but it's like the George Bush movie to me, too soon, half assed, and very bias.

Did you see that movie, W? How was it? I am critical of everything, however, I don't really have a specific outlook on Biggie's persona like you do, so I can see what you're saying, definitely. Maybe you'd appreciate the real footage of the funeral procession through Brooklyn at the end? They kinda hoked that up though.

No I didn't see W either. did more than a handful? mostly bush haters and people who wanted to hate on oliver stone and the movie. It was took soon and emotionally guided movie. emotionally in the how it was made. instead of a fluff piece I am assuming the BIG movie is, it's a hate movie, based on bitterness. Usually if I make a stand against something I don't give in, I'm stubborn like that. But also if folks came backing say the BIG movie was awesome, movie of the year, etc..etc... I would admit to prejudging and give it a chance, but I haven't heard otherwise that would have me question my initial concerns. The sad thing to me it that I don't think anyone else will now try to do a BIG movie down the line. I think 10 years from now, about 23 years from his death, some top studio and director would have taken up the project to retell his story to a generation, and they would be force to do proper research and appeal to an global audience like the Johnny Cash and Ray Charles movies. I think they ruined that chance my making a movie too soon. so I'm a little bitter about that.

I really should steal this interaction for my blog...good subject matter.

Hey, fine with me! Maybe I should have been more eloquent about it!

Big's movie was fluff, I can say, only because I didn't learn anything new, which is something that wouldn't have occurred to me unless we had this conversation. But aren't you curious???????

uhh no not really. and didn't curiosity kill that poor cat?

Eloquent?!? whatever, you were engaging and you made me think and vocalize my thoughts and feelings. that's what counts, Katie.

eloquent and my blog don't go together, anyway, it's as awkward as couple that looks like they can be siblings dating. That's why I need an editor, plus the bad spelling, poor grammar and word usage. Plus, I only have a handful of readers anyway.

January 05, 2009

Do You Remember Me?

Do you remember me? We go back. I remember when I was the only one you knew and you was too scared to speak. Now you just don't want to speak...who knew years later you would be brand new? Do you remember me? We were buddies. I remember you calling me your best friend, now you act uncomfortable until our conversation ends. When did I become an inconvenience? Do you remember me? We were cool. I remember letting you tag along at night, now I have to pretend that don't care if I don't an invite. When did that become alright? Do you remember me? We were "cute." I remember you proudly taking my hand like I was your man, now I'm the guy you can't publicly stand. When did you become ashamed? Do you remember me? We were tight. I remember long phone calls and gay trips to the mall, now I'm just that bamma you text instead of return call. When did I lose your respect? Do you remember me? We were goosing. I remember sneaking glances and brushing shoulders, now I only get the cold shoulder. What made it chilly? Do you remember me? We were on a level. I remember you said I was someone you looked up to, now you treat my opinion like old doo doo. What caused the change? Do you remember me? We were blood. I remember fighting for you, physically and verbally, now you help those that are against me? Is loyalty only temporary? Do you remember me? Because I remember you and all the ways to hurt you too, but choose not to. When did you turn mean?

January 04, 2009

Science vs Religion

This is a rant I started before Christmas on my cell phone and never really finished and posted...and then my phone broke and it was lost. But I shall try to remember...

Several months ago, I saw on the News an atheist group was trying to purchase ad space on the Metro buses during the holiday season to promote their anti-religion message. To be honest, that's fine with me. They have that right. But the funny thing is, when interviewing the spokesman for the group he stated as a reason for the trying to share their message is "because Christmas is our holiday too." I know Christmas is greatly commercialized, but come on?! Maybe I'm too literal but doesn't the "Christ" in Christmas a huge tell? And the holiday season is set of holiday days that in close proximity - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years. I'm not in the business of questioning white people's African heritage but that's what Kwanzaa is all about. Since he was a spokesman for atheist group I figure he is not really down with Hanukkah and Christmas really. Both both of them are historic religious holidays. No religion, no Hanukkah or Christmas...and no Holiday season - just New Years.

But this is a tell of something that urks me. People that complain about religion but don't know what they are talking about. I can respect anyone that speak intelligently about what they believe and think even if I don't agree. But if you really don't know what you are talking about...then you are a buster.

I hate it when someone complains about religion and look down on people that have religious beliefs like they are smarter than them. Frequently, they say I believe in science. Really??? Science is something you need to believe in? Let me say you can't compare apples and oranges, smart guy. It's like arguing the the Chess club in high school is better than the Track team. They don't compare. Science is a study and Religion is an institution - by definition of the words! There isn't an institution of science that's not a religion. The funny thing is that these so called smart people fail to realize is that when you compare things they need to have properties in common in order to compare them. Religions provide a set of values, beliefs, and practices based on something. I don't know of any values, beliefs, or practices in a person's life that are defined by science. And science is knowledge gained through learning and observation. I have never seen the scientific method used when practicing a religion.

The problem is that many outspoken opponents of religion do not truly understand what religion is and make the ignorant comparison to science. They don't grasp the concept of religion. Ok, I get it. You don't want to believe in something you don't have proof of. But that isn't all or the only point of religions. All religions have a multiple purposes and if you truly understand that then you understand both science and religion have purpose and point and it's not science vs religion but science and religion. THEY ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.