January 05, 2009

Do You Remember Me?

Do you remember me? We go back. I remember when I was the only one you knew and you was too scared to speak. Now you just don't want to speak...who knew years later you would be brand new? Do you remember me? We were buddies. I remember you calling me your best friend, now you act uncomfortable until our conversation ends. When did I become an inconvenience? Do you remember me? We were cool. I remember letting you tag along at night, now I have to pretend that don't care if I don't an invite. When did that become alright? Do you remember me? We were "cute." I remember you proudly taking my hand like I was your man, now I'm the guy you can't publicly stand. When did you become ashamed? Do you remember me? We were tight. I remember long phone calls and gay trips to the mall, now I'm just that bamma you text instead of return call. When did I lose your respect? Do you remember me? We were goosing. I remember sneaking glances and brushing shoulders, now I only get the cold shoulder. What made it chilly? Do you remember me? We were on a level. I remember you said I was someone you looked up to, now you treat my opinion like old doo doo. What caused the change? Do you remember me? We were blood. I remember fighting for you, physically and verbally, now you help those that are against me? Is loyalty only temporary? Do you remember me? Because I remember you and all the ways to hurt you too, but choose not to. When did you turn mean?

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