December 30, 2005

Peter Jackson's King Kong

Peter Jackson’s King Kong reminded me of why I rarely watch the old versions of the movie. I like King Kong the animal but I prefer the Godzilla movies. King Kong vs Godzilla is a classic and I still think to this day that King Kong won, so you know King Kong ain’t no bitch. That’s my dog. My problem with the King Kong movie is that I’m too empathic. I feel sorry for the gorilla, which translates into anger towards the rest of the people in the movie. Being it was a Peter Jackson piece and his history in my eyes, I was mad at the white people in the movie. It had me talking to the screen. Why? Why do you need to take that animal out of it’s natural habitat? Honestly what were the best and worst-case scenarios for bring it to the states? Best case is that it becomes a well behaved display monkey that you can show off for the rest of it’s life. Worst case is that the gorilla goes crazy and you have to kill it. Lose – lose situation for the gorilla, just because some rich white people wanna see a monkey on Broadway (If they really wanted a monkey on Broadway just give Michael Jackson a one man show). King Kong was a king on his island but they had to bring him to America to be a slave. I feel for my man, King Kong. Another thing that hurts is that it gives ammo to those black women (I heard them in the theater) who like to say, “See that’s what happens when you mess with them white women.” “This is worst than what happen to Denzel in Man on Fire, you see how loving that little white girl got him killed.” Now these people have at least three good cases they can pull on at any time: OJ, Kobe, and now King Kong.

December 29, 2005

Behind the Scenes of The Deal

The behind the scene shit is real funny. Let me know when you do something else. I got you.

The Deal

Some friends of mine put together a video for a class. I tried to help out a little. It turned out aight. The concept is real cool. Here a copy of the video ("The Deal") and the behind the scenes. Big ups to Pete, Dan, Bhaarat, and Sapan on a job well done on your first ever video attempt. The behind the scene shit is real funny. Let me know when you do something else. I got you.

December 28, 2005

Peter Jackson Get Some Cool Points

I love the Lord of the Ring movies but Peter Jackson lost a lot of cool points with me. I have all the 4 disc versions of the movies and watched them numerous times. Pete Jack lost points with me because in all of the movies there were no black people and I saw one Asian dude riding the war elephant. So you are trying to tell me that in the “world of man” there are elf, dwarfs, orcs, and talking trees but no black people. Come on, Pete. You could of put at least one, especially if you got fucking talking trees and ring obsessed gremlins. And the black ass orcs are not what I mean. Anyway P.J. made up for it in King Kong, the black dude in that was my man. He was the best person to me, looking out for that little white boy like that. That was some good shit; I was feeling it. Later I’ll give my impressions on King Kong later, cause the story had me mad.

December 08, 2005

The Snow Is The Worst

One reason I hate driving is because to many people have licenses. The snow makes it worst. The dumb ass drivers are easier to spot. Like in the car in the picture. Dumb ass. Don’t you think it’s worth the extra minute to clear off your rear and side windows? You know she is a dumb ass driver because she has no intentions of using her rear view mirror while driving, that's an accident waiting to happen. SHE IS DANGEROUS. Wonder how I got such a good shot of the car? Because, the bitch cut me off. And the dumb ass was riding with her parking lights on (meaning her headlights were not on either). Some one please take her license.

December 03, 2005

The Game's New DVD

Apparently, there is a new Hip Hop DVD out with the Game talking about 50 and the G-Unit. Supposedly Game tries track down 50 across the country for answers and ends up outside 50’s CT home. Sounds interesting, but still not worth 20 dollars. I never was a big fan of hip-hop soap operas, hoperas. I’m trying to find a copy for the beef lovers out there.

December 01, 2005

Dec. 1, 1955: Don't Forget it

Today marks the start of 1955’s Montgomery Bus Boycott. It is hard to believe that is was only 50 years ago when America was treating Black people like shit. It was really not that long ago. It seems like it was ages ago that all the Civil Rights stuff happening. But it was only 50 years ago, Black people were told to move their monkey ass to the back of the bus. Many of the people that lived then are still alive. My father reminded me that when he was a kid he had to fear white boys in pick-up trucks, had to enter the movies through the colored people door, and drink from the colored people only water fountain. The hard question is, have people’s beliefs changed? And how much have they changed? I hope so. I tell you, it feels good to be able ride on the bus and scare white people by sitting beside them. It’s a pleasure. My grandparents fought hard for that right. And the most important right of all is being able to tell anyone, anyone, that asks me to move out of my bus seat to kiss my black ass. Thank you, Rosa Parks. We Love You.

P.S. All you other non-white races need to thank her too, because your ass would be treated like shit too.