December 30, 2005

Peter Jackson's King Kong

Peter Jackson’s King Kong reminded me of why I rarely watch the old versions of the movie. I like King Kong the animal but I prefer the Godzilla movies. King Kong vs Godzilla is a classic and I still think to this day that King Kong won, so you know King Kong ain’t no bitch. That’s my dog. My problem with the King Kong movie is that I’m too empathic. I feel sorry for the gorilla, which translates into anger towards the rest of the people in the movie. Being it was a Peter Jackson piece and his history in my eyes, I was mad at the white people in the movie. It had me talking to the screen. Why? Why do you need to take that animal out of it’s natural habitat? Honestly what were the best and worst-case scenarios for bring it to the states? Best case is that it becomes a well behaved display monkey that you can show off for the rest of it’s life. Worst case is that the gorilla goes crazy and you have to kill it. Lose – lose situation for the gorilla, just because some rich white people wanna see a monkey on Broadway (If they really wanted a monkey on Broadway just give Michael Jackson a one man show). King Kong was a king on his island but they had to bring him to America to be a slave. I feel for my man, King Kong. Another thing that hurts is that it gives ammo to those black women (I heard them in the theater) who like to say, “See that’s what happens when you mess with them white women.” “This is worst than what happen to Denzel in Man on Fire, you see how loving that little white girl got him killed.” Now these people have at least three good cases they can pull on at any time: OJ, Kobe, and now King Kong.

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