December 01, 2005

Dec. 1, 1955: Don't Forget it

Today marks the start of 1955’s Montgomery Bus Boycott. It is hard to believe that is was only 50 years ago when America was treating Black people like shit. It was really not that long ago. It seems like it was ages ago that all the Civil Rights stuff happening. But it was only 50 years ago, Black people were told to move their monkey ass to the back of the bus. Many of the people that lived then are still alive. My father reminded me that when he was a kid he had to fear white boys in pick-up trucks, had to enter the movies through the colored people door, and drink from the colored people only water fountain. The hard question is, have people’s beliefs changed? And how much have they changed? I hope so. I tell you, it feels good to be able ride on the bus and scare white people by sitting beside them. It’s a pleasure. My grandparents fought hard for that right. And the most important right of all is being able to tell anyone, anyone, that asks me to move out of my bus seat to kiss my black ass. Thank you, Rosa Parks. We Love You.

P.S. All you other non-white races need to thank her too, because your ass would be treated like shit too.

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