August 28, 2009

Unkle Wee-am

I have always held the belief I would never have to be in the delivery room during anybody's child birth. My logic is that there are always more supportive and qualified people available than me. So I had the full intentions of being in the waiting room when I went up to the hospital to meet up with Marco, my brother, and Tasha for the birth of their little girl on this past Monday. But no such luck, I had to step up, be the good brother, and participate in the delivery of my first niece. I use the word participate loosely. For some reason the maternity ward was very busy that day. It was a very interesting experience, so I will give some of my impressions. Why did the hospital have the intern giving Tasha shots? Nothing is worst than hearing the newbie say, "I can't find your vein" before beginning to dig in the your arm with needle looking for one. And then missing. I felt so bad for Tasha. He was trying for 5 mins before his supervisor came to see what was taking so long. Now you know the Washington boys, we was on joke time, joning on the rookie. To make it worst, I couldn't understand a word that he was saying. English was like his 5th language. And the his supervisor came in fusing and English wasn't her first language either. I don't know how they understood each other? Man, they can't have intern practicing on already stressed out women. Tasha was acting tough and told the doctor she ain't want the epidural. I was quick to say if it was me, I would get it. But she wanted to be tough until them contractions got close. Change of heart ain't just a TV show. So I go get the nurse to say she changed her mind and the nurse says the doctor is in the middle of another birth but she will tell him. Later the nurse comes back and say it's going to be about an hour before the epidural, the doctor is in the middle of a C section. She checks on Tasha, she's 5 cm. I swear Tasha went from 5 cm to 10 cm in 5 mins. Halfway to walking to the bathroom, Tasha freezes. And pauses for 3 mins we get the nurse and then me and Marco carry Tasha back the bed. The baby was ready. The nurse jumps on the horn calling for the doctor and some back up. The doctor shows up on joke time. Talking about haha you wanted to be tough, too late for drugs now and something about not getting a medal. My brother thought he was funny, I was just like, man do your job. The nurse is constantly calling for help but no nurses are coming. Must be the big C section everyone is at, Tasha is wide open and the doctor yells for help, "Grab her legs." I go, "Marco, he talking to you!" LOL neither of us wanted to see it. The nurse has the left leg. Marco grabs Tasha's right leg breathing hard talking about he about to throw up, making faces. All of the sudden the doctor makes a quick movement and a ton of blood goes flying. He done cut something! And snatched the baby out. I still shutter thinking about it. I TOLD Tasha and Marco that doctor was too loose. They had a healthy baby. 20" 7 lbs 5.8 ounces (Mom said that was my weight at birth, 7 lbs 6 ounces). 10 finger, 10 toes. Full head of hair like Marco was when he was born. We all was trying to see her eyes, because Tasha has green eyes. I'm convinced that the baby has both Marco and Tasha's lips. Tasha's top and Marco's bottom. Juicy lips. Nurse said she had my nose, not sure about that, but it's ok. The process actually was pretty quick and Tasha handled it like a champ. Proud of her. I didn't take the nasty pictures she wanted, through. She wanted pictures and video of everything and I wasn't trying to see all that. Honestly, I planned on being out of the room. But that's my family and I got their back. Welcome Little Miss Sydney Ryan Washington, the new love of my life. And for those people that get pleasure out of the miracle of child birth... Not for the weak of heart. Part 1: Part 2:

August 12, 2009

Old and Cute and Please Don't Shoot!

This is a video blog I recorded at Happy Hour with Allison. Here is the Twitter qoutes: "umm, can you really be old and cute? don't you have to switch to another word?" and "This is one good ass reason for gun control! How is this allowed at a protest rally?!" And here is Chris Matthews interviewing that clown.

August 03, 2009

Case of the Sundays

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but you can always go back and read the old stuff! Sunday morning, I woke up with a headache way too early. Being a beer pong athlete takes it's toll on the body. But I remember promising to make it to my church for joint worship. And yes, I take ownership of that particular church, it's mine. I don't just go to church, but I go to my church. :-D Anyway, my head was hurting and I was still tired, so I figure I would go back to sleep and hopefully feel better. Well I did try... But I the headache wasn't going anywhere. I slept all the way up to the last minute. And at that point I was faced with the free will at Adam and Eve set us up with. I could stay home, eat, and recover or I could rush to church in hunger and pain. The path of least resistance was calling me hard, I had all my excuses planned out too. But my thought at this moment is that the times that I really really don't want to do something sometimes is the times when I really should do it, especially in cases like this. Not because I made a promise, but because beyond the hunger and pain it is good for me overall. A spiritual healing sleep can t and won't provide. Even though it went an hour over time, it was an awesome service. And guess what? By the end of service my headache was gone. Still hungry, but no headache. Take it how you wanna. Fun Fact: One of the people that was baptized that day share our name. My father lean over and made a remark about it. His name is Henry Washington too, but we never met the guy. I'll talk more about free will later. ...but you might have to remind me.