August 03, 2009

Case of the Sundays

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but you can always go back and read the old stuff! Sunday morning, I woke up with a headache way too early. Being a beer pong athlete takes it's toll on the body. But I remember promising to make it to my church for joint worship. And yes, I take ownership of that particular church, it's mine. I don't just go to church, but I go to my church. :-D Anyway, my head was hurting and I was still tired, so I figure I would go back to sleep and hopefully feel better. Well I did try... But I the headache wasn't going anywhere. I slept all the way up to the last minute. And at that point I was faced with the free will at Adam and Eve set us up with. I could stay home, eat, and recover or I could rush to church in hunger and pain. The path of least resistance was calling me hard, I had all my excuses planned out too. But my thought at this moment is that the times that I really really don't want to do something sometimes is the times when I really should do it, especially in cases like this. Not because I made a promise, but because beyond the hunger and pain it is good for me overall. A spiritual healing sleep can t and won't provide. Even though it went an hour over time, it was an awesome service. And guess what? By the end of service my headache was gone. Still hungry, but no headache. Take it how you wanna. Fun Fact: One of the people that was baptized that day share our name. My father lean over and made a remark about it. His name is Henry Washington too, but we never met the guy. I'll talk more about free will later. ...but you might have to remind me.

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