December 28, 2005

Peter Jackson Get Some Cool Points

I love the Lord of the Ring movies but Peter Jackson lost a lot of cool points with me. I have all the 4 disc versions of the movies and watched them numerous times. Pete Jack lost points with me because in all of the movies there were no black people and I saw one Asian dude riding the war elephant. So you are trying to tell me that in the “world of man” there are elf, dwarfs, orcs, and talking trees but no black people. Come on, Pete. You could of put at least one, especially if you got fucking talking trees and ring obsessed gremlins. And the black ass orcs are not what I mean. Anyway P.J. made up for it in King Kong, the black dude in that was my man. He was the best person to me, looking out for that little white boy like that. That was some good shit; I was feeling it. Later I’ll give my impressions on King Kong later, cause the story had me mad.

1 comment:

  1. There were black people in the Tolkien books, they were all evil and violent, just as they are in real life.