May 21, 2009

In the Age of Conan - Pyramid of the Ancients

I tried out the computer game Age of Conan when it first came out a year ago. Played for a while but lost interest and let it go by the way side. So several weeks ago I decide to pick it back up. I wanted to do something different. So I created a new character and started from the ground up. I decided to play a priest/healer in this action based role playing game. I also I decided to make my character a female. "I shall call her Billie Dub." Long story short, I got off beginner island and started the adventure to becoming a level 80 Tempest of Set. Leveling up in my home region of Stygia (desert area, Egypt-like), I found myself having to quest in to the Pyramid of Ancients. This clown, Oracle of Derketo, has lead his followers to this place and trapped them. His followers happen to be hot topless chicks. I find out that this place is the prison of Lord Atum-Keket, who I must killed because of his handcuffing and killing of hot chicks. I take the challenge and enter the Pyramid of the Ancients. Shortly after entering I come across a lady looking for help. Her sister is missing and she ask me to find her. I know dude has her so I accept the challenge. Inside, I run in to that clown from out outside talking shit. He wasn't real, just a spirit talking shit. I find the girl's sister and she is being held against her will and ask me to free her. So I go kill the guy torturing her to get the key to free her. I faced traps, spirits, mini bosses, and talking statues to get to the chamber housing Lord Atum-Keket. Finally, I get to the chamber and guess who's there? That bamma Golddust. After couple of hurting blows, he reveals himself to really be Lord Atum-Keket. That bamma was one shotting me. It took me ten times to figure out how to stop dying. But eventually I figure out the key and I crushed the bamma.

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