April 06, 2010

Why Do You Like Them?

washington_redskins-783 Growing up in the Washington DC area as Cowboys fan I am frequently asked why or how am I a Cowboy’s fan.  I challenge, how are you a Redskin fan?  It is better to be a fan of any other team in the league.  If it’s because it’s the home team then take responsibility for them.

The Redskin name is an insult to America and I can simply tell you why.  You shouldn’t be proud of them until the organization becomes something to be proud of.  Please answer this, would you walk around with a New York Kikes Jersey with a trademark Image like this: racist jew picture

No, right?

What about the Atlanta Niggers, Miami Chinks, or Los Angeles Spics merchandise?  Man, everyone minority group would be angry if an organization did something like that.  And at the nation’s capital at that.  Just because America has nearly wiped out the Native American population doesn’t mean that it’s ok.  They don’t like the Redskin name it is just as insulting as being called a cracker, chink, nigger, spic, towel head or another derogatory racial slur.  The Redskin team being in Washington, DC is a disgrace to the multiculturalism of the United States and constant reminder of what is not great about this country and the way it’s citizens treats one another.  It would less offensive if it wasn’t in the capital but in some “redneck” city where we may expect such overt racism.  So Redskin fans that want to retire the n-word but what about the red-word?


Yes as a Cowboys fan, I do feel a moral superiority because I made a choice not to support racism.

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  1. chinks wouldn't be such a good name for the Miami team. Better off going with one of these: http://www.racialslurs.com/search?q=cubans