September 07, 2008

Hurricanes Don't Scare Team Ari

This weekend was Hurricane Hanna, and I was invited to a friend's housewarming. But that didn't stop her. She is a party animal. First, let me follow directions and first say that my friend, Team Ari's friends are hot or hawt as they say. Check out the video embedded. It was a fun and interesting night. Despite the earlier rains and wind, there was a lot people out that night. I met a lot of new cool, semi-cool, and fun peeps that night fo' sho (that's my Flavor Flav). I would have to say that the most interesting person that night (besides Nick) was a nice pretty young lady named Stephanie. Stephanie liked my t-shirt. I was wearing my "Can't Sell Dope Forever" t-shirt. And the poor child thought it meant I was a drug dealer. After explaining to her dope is cocaine or heroin and not marijuana, we agreed to disagree and had a great discussion on social and political effects of the drug trade. I think I was able to convince her that 1. you don't get high on your own supply and 2. people (other than her, because she said she never would) really out grow drugs or at least should. It's like the old guy in the club, you can't be that guy. So you sell weed in college, then you graduate. You going to still continue? Who's your new customers? What's the risk/reward value now? Can't you make more with a degree than pushing dimes and nicks? Hopefully, one day sweetie will see my point. ...Or was she fucking with me?! Come to think about it, we had a lot in common. Admittedly, we both like to play devil's advocate. haha, funny i think she got me. Shout outs is so hood, but fun. So let me give some shout outs. Shout out to Team Ari and her roommates, it always a pleasure. Shout out to Omid, for hanging with me and providing the laughs. Shout to Allison and Jenny, the dynamic duo. Special Big ups to Jenny for letting the girls breathe. Jenny is butter! Shout out to the Jack Black/Shaggy Doo/Ben for spinning all the hits like Coolio! Shout out to Stephanie for her determination, I guess it's OK to be a weed head for life. I don't judge. Big ups to Allison, for providing us with plenty of cheese that night. Shout out Allison, Jenny, and Renee's high school friend that crashed the party, he was the coolest says Allison several times. Shout out to Lauren, I was SO feeling the Barack Obama button. Lauren earn a hundred cool points from me. Shout to Greg, for not being afraid to ask questions. And no, I haven't seen Jordan lately. Shout to Jeff, for feeling what I was saying on the couch. I'm always right, homie. Shout out to Renee, for not hiding those pretty eyes from the camera. They need to be shared with the world. Shout out to Matt and the "Team Ari Security Team." Shout out to the Radford chick, for being for Sigma Pi before being against them, the republican party needs more people like you. Shout to Nick, for being the funniest guy alive! "I want Five Guys" too. lol And a huge big ups to Team Ari, for keeping it real with me on and off camera. Thanks for listening to me, and I so value what you say. Peace. I'm out till next time.

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