March 09, 2010

Pet Peeve #9: What You Don’t Like

We all heard the saying opinions are like assholes, we all have one.  But let me add like assholes, if I don’t ask, I don’t care about your asshole.  Don’t care if it’s clean or dirty, don’t care if it’s tight or loose, just don’t care.  Every so often someone feels the need to say “My asshole itches.” Did I ask???  Was that need to know info???  Do you really need me to tell you to wash your ass, you dirty bastard?  What did you think I was going to say?  You must wanted some reaction.

If I ask it’s because I want to hear.  But probing your feelings without asking is dangerous with a person like me for the simple fact that I judge (whether it’s good or bad is here nor there, it’s just a fact) and will tell you.  Now if you are sensitive that you need the attention to say something, you are at risk of getting your sensitive ass hurt.  Rarely do people come to me for only compassion, not that I don’t have it, but I see through neediness and question almost everything.

If I’m not giving you a Christmas present, why do you feel the need to tell me you don’t celebrate Christmas??? If we are not eating together, I am I suppose to care you don’t eat meat?  I don’t have a evil plan in my mind to wait 3 months and stick a bumblebee on your allergic ass.

What YOU can’t do, and don’t like.  Sounds like personal problems to me.  You are limited and try to limit me.  Personal problems are just that, personal and yours.  Unless it’s used to explain something relevant, why do people feel the need to volunteer polarizing information?  Do they want me to look up to them or what, I don’t know?  Not so subliminal brags.  A lot of the time for that very reason I would question their reasoning and find holes in their logic or belief, mostly out spite and not really because I care but so because I don’t care, if that makes sense…

My absolutely most hated look at my asshole information, I don’t eat seafood.  Are you allergic? No.  Everyone know it either goes good or bad with me after that point.  And good is ending the conversation right there.  FYI no one yet, that is not allergic, has come up with a good rational reason to swear off the millions of different foods that are available from the sea.

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