October 22, 2004

State of the William Address Part II (almost 6 months later)

Greetings, my people. Let me start by saying, “Lord, please forgive me for how I may say it but my heart is still good.” Due to a popular response, and I think people might actually care; I am back with the State of the William Address. The state of the William is tired. Times are tough but we must stay the course. The war on terror is going to be tough, re-elect me we must stay the course. Oh shit, I thought I was Bush for a second. People go out and vote. The shit is not a game this year. Get the dumbass out of the white house. After 7 months the 3rd DVD release is done. After much advancement and several editing redoes, it is nothing like the first 2. It is over an hour long and has a lot of special features. It is the most technically sound one to date and Chalmer is using his high tech computer setup to make labels, I’m boosted about that. However, almost all of you motherfuckers will never get to see it. Why?! Don’t be shocked. As always, it is because of the content on it. On this disc, I am mostly making fun of myself (I wasn’t really scared. I was acting). This shows the extent of my sense of humor; I can take jokes a well as I give them.

As I said earlier, the state of the William is tired. I am tired. Physically tired, a nigga has been getting no rest. The “surrender me now” isn’t working. I got shit bottled up. So little things get me pissed. Motherfuckers tend to think it’s funny when I get pissed but it don’t be funny any more when they are on the receiving end of my pissnessity. I’m tired of censoring shit on my DVD releases; cause someone might get their fucking feelings hurt. I’m tired of having to watch what I say. I’m Will Wash bitches, that’s what I do, I make people cry. The people that knew me way back know the Will you know now is nothing like the Will from the late 90’s. I haven’t had beef with anybody in years and that’s cool, great even, but I’m tired of being extra careful about what I can say. If you can’t take a joke then get the fuck out my face.

Also I’m tired of the devil fucking with me in my sleep. In dreams, I be chillin in white tee. Not a throwback cause I be looking clean in my white tee. And I see the devil looking at me. That shit fucked me up. On the real, I think that nigga was hating on my white tee. So I was like, “What the fuck you looking at?” Yall know how I do it. “Why YOU in MY face?” But get this, why that bitch say, “Who put that monkey in a T-shirt?” Ain’t that a bitch? Can you believe that shit? The fucking devil had jokes. A crucial one at that. And the worst part, the shit that got to me, is he said some shit I would say. Damnit, I’m tired of getting fucking harassed by the devil in my sleep. Why don’t that nigga take his gay ass on and steal some souls and shit. Or go give George Bush another bright idea.

I’m tired of there being no limit on ignorance in America. I’m with you, Meraf. Fuck undecided voters. Dumbass, no thought process having bitches. Why I seen this motherfucking black ass nigga get on TV news talking about A-rabs and shit. It hurt my heart. That shit is ignorant. How hard is it to pronounce arabs, motherfucker. Making black people look bad.

Like I said I’m pissed. Why do I feel like I can’t say shit when I see shit? I felt like I couldn’t say anything when I saw this 19 year old girl sitting there sucking her thumb. Think about it. I know we all thinking the same damn thing. This bitch suck dick. Come on, any women stilling sucking her thumb over the age of 13 is or will be a dicksucker. She will need a cure for the oral fixation. I wanted to say something so bad when I saw it. And I wanna say something to all these niggas standing around with their mouth open, especially motherfuckers with braces. People, scratch that, Niggas/Black people need to start breathing through their noses. Stand there with your mouth open makes you look REAL primitive. Like using 2 hands to drink out of a glass. God gave you a nose so you wouldn’t be standing there looking stupid with your mouth open. And it will help with that bad breath problem (and it’s not just the braces people). I got to start telling motherfuckers about their breath that shit is Iraqi style torture. Women need to take that natural hair shit back to Africa. That pokemon bush hair cut ain’t cutting it. I know some of yall are mad but that shit must be said. Niggas don’t need S-curls and perms. Bitches don’t need bushes and fades. Lets keep the line between the sexes. Be mad, come at me if you want. I did go to a BLACK school. I got crooked bush and shape up jokes for weeks. And the federal government needs to classify Nextel subscribers as a cult. Trying to talk to them about services is like trying to talk to a Mormon or Jehovah witness. No hope of change and they be recruiting. How can you be black and not like big lips?

Why do motherfuckers think Jadakiss is deep after one song? Why? They are the same motherfuckers that like that dumbass movie Belly. He really ain’t say shit. Why? Why is it everyone else’s verses on the remix deeper than his? Why? Why do all niggas look the same? Why is it that all niggas do is wear jerseys and wife beaters? Why do Chalmer thinks his bootleg movies from Blockbuster are official? Why? Why do motherfuckers wait til they’re old and shit to start smoking? Why do heads think the government made weed illegal cuz “they be hatin”? Why do people think G-Unit is cool? Why is them niggas named after a ape? Why would anybody buy their shoes? Why don’t they niggas just go solo so I can like them (except for banks)? Why is that R&B boy Lloyd the gayest nigga on the radio? Why? Why hasn’t everyone seen Fahrenheit 911 or the Passion? Why the fuck would you bootleg the Passion of Christ? Why hasn’t Luan learned how to work the camcorder yet? Why is it necessary to be all up in my face? Why? Why don’t motherfuckers think it’s a little gay to be running a G? Why do they feel comfortable with so many dicks out in the same room? Why do Tuan and Burke stay in adventures? Why hasn’t Meraf been on the Real World yet? Why hasn’t she let me record her audition tape? Why? Why do we have to wait till half of Latisha and Damelia friends leave till we have fun? Why do people get scared to speak when I come around? Why did Tressa call me a crazy nigga? Why? Cuz I wanna know.

Signing off until next time,
Your boy Will Wash.

Don't mind the anger, I'm always like that.

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