February 03, 2005

Who Cares What GW Has To Say

A Cult Classic

It been a while since I’ve sent a mass email. This time it is serious, a serious fanboy email that is. One of my new favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite. By now, everyone should have seen it. If not go see it. It is now a fairly old movie, but I taken a notice to things. When I quote stuff from the movies some individuals get it and some don’t. So I feel the need to express my understanding about why others like or dislike the movie. People are polarized by this movie. Rarely do you come across such a hit or miss movie. Either you love it or hate it. And I love it. When Deb said she trying to earn money for college and Kip eavesdropping from the other room said, “your mom goes to college”, I fell out of my sit laughing. Because it was fucking funny. Every time I watch the movie, I laugh from beginning to end. Everytime that bamma said “Yesssss” or “Sweet” I laugh cause that shit is too funny and highly quotable. How can you find his serious current event article about the loch ness monster and wizards who try to save Nessie from the Japanese scientist not funny? I will stop whatever I’m doing to stop and watch it, because I find something new in it every time. Like did you notice, Uncle Rico checking out his guns when him and Kip were in the diner planning to make some sweet moolah selling shit? It is easy to see why it was the biggest hit at Sundance. This movie is so damn funny. At least to me.

Through research and study, I have figured out the difference between the lovers and the haters. Napoleon Dynamite is not a traditional comedy and that is why some people don’t like or don’t understand it. To like it requires a, dare I say it, a sense of humor. It’s a unique brand of humor; some people cannot get it right off the bat. They need help. These people generally prefer fart jokes and slap stick. They only see the obvious and they just miss shit. There have been at least half a dozen people whose opinion on the movie I’ve changed just by saying to notice certain shit. Instantly the movie became funny. This movie got an instant cult following at Sundance because it is that damn good. Read the reviews. Napoleon Dynamite has produced some of the best quotes and “sweet” impressions since the Austin Powers series. Except for the Dave Chappelle Show of course, because we know he still has the best quotes, bitch. “Tina! Come get some ham!” or “there’s like a butt load of gangs at this school. This one gang wanted me to join cause I’m pretty good with the bow staff.” That shit is funny. If you didn’t get it when you saw it, then ask me in private so you don’t feel embarrassed and I’ll explain. Better yet I’ll watch it with you and tell you when and why to laugh.

You know the movie is the truth when you start seeing people on the street with a “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt. Now I want one. And when you get MasterCard priceless emails about Uncle Rico ability to throw the football a quarter mile and him winning state back ‘82. The movie is a classic I tell you. Without this movie, who would have known that girls only want boyfriends with skills; like nunchaku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills. What movie stars a high school guy who draws “ligers” (half lion, half tigers, breed for special powers of magic) and rides the school bus to school with the 6th graders after spending the summer hunting wolverines (with a 12 gauge, of course) that were trying to kill his cousins? Or a movie with a Mexican, who bakes his ladies a cake and wears a wig of a medieval warrior, after takes his sledgehammer bike off sweet jumps in the front yard? Not Harold and Kumar(with six O’s and three U’s). Come on let us all laugh at Kip (who thinks gold bracelets make you look official) sitting at home chatting with babes all day and training to be a cage fighter while making he’s best move be a slow ass leg sweep. Plus Kip hooks up with the big booty black girl off the Internet. How can you not love that?

Just type Napoleon Dynamite into google and check out the fan soundboards and t-shirts. And then start to realize, if you don’t think the movie was any good then there may be something wrong with you.

Signing off,
Will Wash
“You going to eat your tots?”

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