May 06, 2010

Ever Felt A Disturbance In The Force?

There are times in your life where everything looks good on paper, but your gut is telling you something is not right.  The hard question is what do you do?  Even though everything seems great you have a strong feeling it’s not going to last.

Personally, I am feeling a disturbance in the Force, like in the Star Wars movies.  The world is not inline.  Not just on a global level but more so on a personal level.  I am blessed to have a healthy family, a good job, a good girl, and a wonderful set of friends but yet something is not quite right and it didn’t always feel like this.  I still do the same things everyday but they don’t feel the same.  Almost like the loneliness in a crowded room feeling… Don’t worry I’m not suicidal or nothing haha, my life is good.  I just thought I would share the feelings of being on autopilot.  I’m sure it will pass or there will be the epic movie climax that follows a disturbance in the Force to signal the end of something.

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