October 12, 2010

FTSwindle (For The Swindle)

You have reached a stage in your life, now you have the Big Boy life.  Big Boy clothes, Big Boy job, and Big Boy problems.  You have come up in life.  So with this Big Boy life, you need a reliable car to travel it work to and while keeping and succeeding in that Big Boy career. You could get a new Big Boy car, but you came across the car you have always dreamed of.  It's one of them cars that's one of a kind special but it's used.  And you can only afford one car.  You are faced with the choice of your dream car or going out and looking for a new car to settle on to get you to work and your future.  But it's your dream car and it's the car you always wanted so you go with that despite it being older and having 100,000 miles already.  You are happy, you are living your dream.  The moments you have it you are loving it and can't imagine how you was getting by without it before.  Then suddenly, the problems become greater and more frequent.  Your future is in jeopardy, it's not reliable.  After the fact, you check the Carfax report and see it had several previous owners that didn't take care of it.  Internal problems, accidents, failed maintenance, just a lack of regard for taking care of.  After seeing the report it's hard to view the car the same way, you start noticing problem and flaws you didn't see before.  It's your dream car so you still hold on hope even against the odds.  You pay for maintenance and repairs.  You take care of the car like it should.  But still the car turns on you and dies.  So now you are stuck having to go out and find another car because you need one.  Odds are after feeling burned, you won't go used again but after spending all the time and money it will be hard to afford the brand new car that you would want.  So you are faced with either settling with a new reliable car that you really don't love that much but it does what you need it to do with no problems or going used again and rolling the dice on the damages that it may have.

The Hard Question is:  Was that brief joy of owning your dream car worth all the later hardships and setbacks?

1 comment:

  1. Definitely not worth the trouble, man. It's better to wait and buy it new or buy it from a reliable owner.