December 28, 2010

Favorite Tweets of 2010

Last week of the year, and I've decided to go through the past year of marked favorite tweets from Twitter.  It's too hard to rank them but let me try to sort them.

"Area" Tweets: Tweets dealing with yo city!

You live in DC. Merely waking up is cultural. Lol! “@supascotty: I want to do something cultural”

Dope Hey Seuss:
I ain't never heard someone say, "All I want is a nice Baltimore girl"

lil duval:
This might come as a surprise to y'all but we having a city in America that look just as bad as Haiti it's called DETROIT

Carried Tweets.  Tweets that can hurt feelings.

Come one son, why it gotta be like that. RT @WillWash: #newyorkis a place where the people are the cockroaches

Jordan Pornhub Chick:
Montana Fishburne Music Video and SEXTAPE .....10 points if you can tell me what the spots all over her ass are!!

@ihateKatStacks, Kat Stacks:
RT @CallMeDre3k @ihatekatstacks Why is Your Voice So Fucking Annoying? «« WHY YOU TWEETING FROM A SIDEKICK?

lil duval:
bitch u look STUPID! RT @LALASWEETNESSS: Costume of the yearrrr. Show me ur avatar

@TheNakedHustler, Lola Fuckin' Foxx:
You're not Batman. Batman lives in the TV. RT @BATMAN7795 @TheNakedHustler What it do? I am Batman. I am offically following you, beautiful.
Lola Fuckin' Foxx:
They should've never given you niggas comic books.

RT @WillWash: young with an old face just tweeted again! Your profile pic betrays you!!!!! « Rofl! Evil

Your resident evil:
*pulls tweet from favorites* RT @girlllstop fyi...your sub-tweets don't show up in my mentions.

Wins, the witty, good, and evil! Let's go!

3. When Mr. Sketchy sits next to you scoot over, even if he isn't touching u. Then look at him and scoot over again. He'll get up.

Damien Dante Wayans:
Arrogance is the cousin 2 Annoying... 'I don't wanna b in that family'...

Based Goddess:
How you trying to school me when I grew up with your teachers? #LupeQuotes

The Bosha:
Out on the back deck having a big yawn and a lightening bug flies right down my throat. I better totally get a superpower out of this.

she rise:
“your ass needs a timeout @FromDCtoATL: Lebron goes to Miami.. Michael Beasley will be fuckin his momma by October! SHE goes IN!”

Jamie Johnson:
To a brave man good and bad luck are like his left and right hand, he uses both - st. Chaterine of siena

Uh oh home DNA tests are available...hmmm, may be time to look into alternative career options O_o

slim thug:
To me stripping is the female version of trapping #cantknockthehustle

RT @DSTBlaze: WOW ==» RT @DaddyBawsten: Mashonda: Alicia Keys Told My Son to Call Her Mommy! « see? I'd drag that hoe!

Every region/tribe/era of female warrior apparently dressed like a slut. Or at least this is what the internet is leading me to believe.

Kat Stacks:
Everybody makes mistakes 1 abortion is okay ... but 2 or 3 ?? #Unforgiven #StrapUp

Alicia Keys:
Read this amazing quote today! "Don't Tell me Sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon" MEAN QUOTE!!! GO get your dreams!! ;-)

Queen LaChiefah:
Emotion is the enemy of rational argument.

Queen LaChiefah:
"@AYEyoWILL: If women aren't made to cook then why do they have milk and eggs inside them?????"

Queen LaChiefah:
The ocean is too big and unknown for ppl to be in that joint all willy nilly!

she rise:
this wind is raping EVERYBODY!!!

Dope Hey Seuss:
They done stole your dreams and you don't even know who did it.

Neal Brennan:
Now that stem cells cure HIV, get ready for even more Republican opposition!

Michelle O:
Disclaimer #FF @WillWash shares privileged and sometimes explicit material and insights follow at your own risk (or something like that)

Kat Stacks:
when i leave im gonna give out pieces of my weave to my jail mates #SharingIsCaring LOL

lil duval:
#howtopissyogirloff put her in the full nelson and make her look at herself in the mirror

There are a ton more. Happy Twitter New Year!

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