May 10, 2013

Yes, Vegas Baby!!

This Spring there was a guy's trip to Vegas and it was EPIC!!!! Lol drug, sex, and drum and bass. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I can give a peek at the fun and test out this blogger app for the iPhone at the same time. 

The following is the pictures from my iPhone. 
On the plane I was seated next to a heavy set couple. However, the stewardess had compassion for me and gave me a row by myself. Winning. 
Over Big Bear, California. 
I had a layover in LAX. Followed the sun to the ocean.  
I love Los Angeles. I always promise to come back. 

After a long flight I got pizza at the airport. 
Wood fire grilled pizza. 

Goat Cheese Veggie Pizza.  
Las Vegas. 
My hotel, The Cosmopolitan

Vegas days & nights!

It was a great amazing trip!

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