April 24, 2008

When Irony Met Karma

Today I left work with a headache and sore eyes. But as I watch Lost and The Office (the I've been watching "The Wire" lately joke was classic), I came to a realization. A few months back, while on IM with a very lovely friend(trying to get brownie points) I took a sarcastic comment out of context and took it to heart. I freaked out and proceed to call her dismissive and mean spirited. After reflecting on what and how it was said and the particular context, I realized I was wrong and apologized. From the moment I met her she had been nothing but the nicest to me, and it was unfair for me to accuse her of otherwise by taking a (bad) sarcastic joke out of context with no proof. It was not a good moment in Will history. So today, I'm on IM again with my friend I go on my "Judge My By Actions" speech and say somethings I commonly say, I'm a hypocrite and just because I may say something but doesn't mean that I mean it. My friend took it literally and to heart and accused me without really saying it of possibly not being truthful with her this entire time that I have known her based off of that. Which caused me to become upset. My words were taken without regard to context and then generalized. Those are lines I use to stress the importance of judging someone by their actions and the need for the greater good. And are true within the appropriate context. Especially from a person who preaches about avoiding generalizes, having different responses to different situations, and the greater good of things. But come on, to say I always say something when I mean another? That is a compulsive liar. As someone that prides themselves on telling it how it is, it hurts. I am not a compulsive liar. Especially since I have been nothing but honest with everyone and especially her more so than others. Plus there was no proof of the otherwise, either. I hope she one day is able to trust me again and understands that I am not a liar and it's kind of ridiculous to be someone who lies all the time and then admits to it. Wouldn't a compulsive liar lie about being a liar? Karma is a bitch, now I really know what she felt like to be attacked after having a few word taken the wrong way.

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