October 30, 2009

Reality Is Holding You Back, Huh???

My life is filled with lots of interesting people all with a wide range of personalities.  As always, you are who you are and there is nothing wrong with that.  Really, it's the world job to figure you out, because you can't bitch about snakes always biting you when you refuse to learn how to be around snakes.  But I'm not talking about snakes or people like snakes, I swear I cover that before.

I like people that think differently than me, don't always get along but it's never dull. One of my favorites is the people that live in alternate realities.  It ranges from delusional to having circus mirror.  For example, delusional - You know the guy you have know your whole life, grew up and went to school together.  The whole works.  Every time you talk to him he speak of something in the past that never happened, usually delusions of grandeur.  You'll say you ran in to someone like the prom queen from high school and randomly add to the convo that he used to date her. Of course you are like WTF?!  Because you know that she wouldn't of given him the time of day back then, you were his friend.  I would give you a real life example of a fingering story but it would blow up spots, and I still love my friends.

But not all people are that crazy.  The common trait is I think they might actually believe some of the stuff happen or might of happened.  You know how if you think about it so much or strongly it maybe true or become part of your memory.  Like how they say to beat a lie detector test, is to actually believe your lie.

My mother does this one to me.  I go down to the basement to do something and come back up and she is in the kitchen.  As I enter the kitchen, she asks me did I bring up the pot?  Of course I go huh? What pot?  She says I asked you to bring up the pot I needed.  Where is it?  Then it's a back in forth me saying no you didn't ask me to.  It's not that I didn't hear her because it happens at other times too and been happening for all my life.  Her minds is like mind, but faster I think.  She is thinking about about so much stuff going on and what to do next, in her head she did ask me to bring up the pot but it was just not vocalized before going on to the next thought.

Similar is the person that tells stories like that.  They interject there thoughts in to the story like it happen as a matter of fact.  You will never hear them say "And I thought" or "In my head I was like."  The more tramatic the better they sound and the more different it is from the actual events of the story.  Their retelling is like a blockbuster movie for an 8 page picture book.  For example, they went to the store and noticed someone staring at them, they look away and then they left, that's it no words exchanged event over.  But in their retelling, They went to the store and this guy was eyeballing them like he wanted to fight, gave them and mean mug and was like (notice the "was like"), "What are you looking at?!"  They say how they was about to get all up in his business and buss some heads. "You better get out of here before someone gets hurt!" And they left.   You are like WOW, that's crazy.  And then you ask, "Wow, you said that?!"  But Rule #1 don't ask these people more questions because it will force them to lie or *palmface* for making it up. "Nah, but I was going to if I had more time." :-/

Finally, there is the fact maker-uppers.  Normally very smart people and in charge of stuff, or just plain Republican.  They are not your normal liars because they don't do it because they have to, they do it feel included or to prove a point.  These are the people that make up statistic, definitions, and reviews.  I ask about a new movie and they will tell you all about it the meaning behind it.  Then you ask have you seen it, no only the trailer. "In my head," I'm like wow your mind is amazing - AND out of control.  Don't talk politic with these people either they love to pull stats out of there ass.  Did you know only 2 three people in the Turtletown, Oregon don't have healthcare?  Or the average human colon holds 7lbs of waste.  And I'm think, no you are full of shit.  Anyway the more obscure the stat the better.

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