October 14, 2009

Save a Tree, Read an E-Book

I don’t like reading on the PC or on my cell phone or anywhere for that matter but there are times when it is useful.  So for this How To, I’m show you Microsoft Reader and the underground world of e-books.

*disclaimer* you should pay for paid books.  If you download a book and like it or find it useful, pay the author.

First to view e-books, you need an electronic device, huh?  There are standalone readers like Amazon’s Kindle (who just had a price drop).  But you can also you a PC/Laptop, your cell phone, or ipod.

Microsoft Reader is a e-book software that is available on PCs and Mobile devices.  The importance of a Reader is that it improves the visibility of the display to make reading easier.  They try to get the print type quality.  Also they have features like bookmarks, highlighting text, and Text to Speech for lazy eyed people like me.

After you install the reader, you just need books.  Like the real world there is large supply of book available electronically.  The easiest is to just buy them online. But you can also find a lot books for free or for “free.” There are websites.  Here’s a site with free classic literature: http://www.planetebook.com/ In a previous blog I showed you how to use torrents, that’s one way.  But you can also find free books through Google Reader and blogs.

To use Google Reader select “Browse for stuff.”  Then click “View all” from Bundles from Google.
Google Reader Discover Feed part 1
then scroll down to ebooks and subscribe.
Google Reader Discover Feed part 2

Once you subscribe you will now have access to thousands of E-Books.
Google Reader Discover Feed part 3

Here’s a book to get you started: World War Z
and the entire Stephen King Collection via torrent (learn to use torrents).

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