January 07, 2010

Will Wash For The Muthafuckin Win!!!

New Years Eve Party - Awesome
Won My Fantasy Football Money League - Awesome
Won the First Soccer Game of Year - Awesome
Got WillWash.com back - Priceless!!!

Years ago in a place not too far way, there was a young Computer Science student... Haha, let me stop.  Ok, here's the word on the street.  Back in the day while still in school learning about computer stuff, I had a website.  One of them see if I could do it things.  Will Wash Dot Com.  http://willwash.com.  My Nickname.  Anyway, it was my baby (bammas aint have websites like that), I had an awesome flash movie on it and all with music and shit...Limp Bizkit and my purple Neon.  HAHA!  Some may remember it.  Anyway time past and I got busy with working and school and forgot all about my site.  At some point in time prob a year lol I lost the domain name to willwash.com because you have to pay yearly to keep it.  So a several years back I went to see what had happen to WillWash.com and it was owned by a company selling washing machine parts.  AND it looked plain jane, I guess it was just used to order parts.  But I was hurt, because it was mine and I AM WillWash.

Well today while trying to register a domain name for a Twitter web app I was making for shits and giggles, I typed in willwash.com and it was available.  I was shocked and relieved.  I don't know if you understand the big money that is in owning domain names, it's like real estate.  My Twitter App is called MonsterTweet so I looked for MonsterTweet.com and it was already taken along with every other variation.  But if you search online there isn't a MonsterTweet.com or a MonsterTweet Twitter App.  Some dude just bought up all the names.  They told me I could try to but it off of them (bid) and that started at $60.  Please understand first time I got willwash.com it cost me $3 a year. So you know I wasn't pressed for MonsterTweet.com.  Also knowing how much it hurts the pockets to get a functioning domain name (some cost several thousands), please understand how boosted I was to see the other person also failed renew the domain name.  I don't know if it was the recession or what that closed his web business, but I jump my ass through the window like "Hey N****, I'm home!!"  Allison is a witness to my ass running through the office building to get my wallet to buy my name back, because that what it is to me - buying my name back. It costs me 3 times more than last time but at least I got it.

Check it out http://www.willwash.com or just plain http://willwash.com


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