February 18, 2010

Twitter Beef: Al Roker vs Will Wash

What happened?

Al Roker had a problem with something I tweeted.

What do you mean?

I did a normal Will Wash tweet and the dude seen it and felt the need to response.

What did you say?

“Al Roker is the worst #thatsallthanks”


Because I was forced to watch the Today Show and I felt like killing myself.

What did he say?

Really I don’t know, I didn’t understand it.  Some kind of play on my words.  Probably a joke, but we all know he ain’t funny.  But you know, I’m from DC.  We don’t get star struck, so I carried him.

2-16-2010 5-27-20 PM

Was it really Al Roker?

Dunno for sure but it came from his Twitter account.  He was verified.

2-16-2010 5-46-47 PM

Why was you picking on him?

I wasn’t.  It was like an under the breath comment.  Who told him to get all sensitive?  Unless he knows it true!

Video Blog:

2-16-2010 10-50-09 PM

LOL fall back, weatherman!

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