March 14, 2021

Covid Vaccines and Us

What’s on my mind? Covid vaccines. One Montgomery County, the richest and one of the largest counties in the state don’t have a mass vaccination site yet. Still waiting because phase 2 & 3 are going to be a battle royal is MC residents have to keep “take up appointments” across the state. Two, the truth about America. Hard work is an ideal and stepping stone for how America really work. Connections and influence. Best things in America comes from access. It’s the best kept secret. How do you really get a good deal? A hook up. How do so many people get scholarships for school while so many others have student loans? Knowledge yea but how do one person know about stuff one hundred others don’t? Covid vaccinations are stepping in line with the truth about America. Look at who is getting quickly vaccinated. There are people along the people that is supposed to be line for them also getting it. I’m not mad at that at, this how America works. I am mad at people to try to discourage others from getting there’s. Don’t knock the hustler on this one. From my observations, this one of those rare times when black and brown are singling ourselves out because of well earned mistrust of out society and shouldn’t be. The way I see it being in a Western Country right now is blessing. In Africa and other places they are begging for vaccines to save lives and our countries have the lion share while the rest of the world fights for scraps. This is not like Tuskegee or secret birth control programs. They are not trying to give the vaccine only to black people, almost the opposite. Like your voting rights, it’s not made easy for black and brown people in general. Computer based appointments, limited sites, and uneven distribution To all my woke brother and sisters, if you see white people from the richest county in the state strolling in to the blackest county in the state to get all the vaccine appointments and left over shots, wake up, there is something to it. This is America, they found out how to get something that’s valuable. Black and brown people we should be sharing tips on how to each other appointments and left over shots instead of discouraging each other. Please excuse any misspellings and grammar, I just want to get this thought down before I move on with my life. Love, Peace, and hair grease. ✊🏾

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