August 20, 2023

Hello? Is Anyone Out There?

It's been a while since I last wrote. A lot has happened, I've changed too. I would like to think for the better and its evolution.

A while back but after Nisha was born, I said to my wife, Kesh, I wanted to keep a journal for Nisha. If or when I'm gone, she'll have my thoughts and wisdom I couldn't share in person.

For my birthday and Father's Day, she bought me a beautiful notebook and a journal as gifts to get me started.

I still love the idea, but getting started is harder then you think, especially of you are not a writer and don't have any time. Right now for me to type this post, uneditted, unproof read is a lot for me. I'm typing it on my little iphone on the toilet. 
Anyway the first step in a journey is always the hardest, and this post is intended to be my first step in writing down my thoughts into a space that can later be recieved years later, like a science fiction movie.

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