October 28, 2008

Pet Peeve #64

I have friend that I make suggestions of things to do things with, for example a movie, show, event, or trip and she says how much of a great idea it is and always says, "We should do that!" But a couple weeks later she come and tell me excitedly that her and someone else saw or is going to see/do what we talked about. While I'm don't get too upset about it but I'm not excited for her either. How do you take it? Does she honestly expect me to get super excited about? Did she forget that it was my idea? And in planing did she not think that I wanted to do that also or is it I am I not as much fun to do it with? I do think its a little self absorbed, like when I give suggestions she is thinking of how it relates directly to her, instead of us or me as the creater. So much that, I'm not included in her planning and then forgotten and have it thrown back in my face. Let me say I do appreciate those that are not self absorbed. I remember my mother telling me she wanted to see a Tyler Perry movie. I couldn't take her but every time I see a DVD, I buy it for her, instead of bragging that I went with my best friend to go see a Tyler Perry play. Another example is when one of my friends that I told I wanted to try paintball, so now every time he goes out he invites me. And now I return the favor when I plan to go. Right thing to do? Think so. mobile blogging...

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