October 21, 2008

Things Your Momma Should of Taught Ya #1

This morning as I brushed my teeth in rush to make my dentist appointment, a thought went through my head. I think one reason my dentist and nurses have always liked me was because my breath doesn't stink. Image what it feels like for a doctor to have his nose inches away from a wide open mouth. I think that is why they wear the mask on their face. Not to be cocky, arrogant, or anything but my breath does not stink.

 My family is brutally honest and one thing momma would let you know is that you breath stinks if you were talking in her face. Mom taught me the key to keeping your mouth from stinking. Of course there is brushing, flossing, and avoiding sweets. But the actual key to fresh breath is brushing your tongue. Unless your teeth is rotting, that where the oder is coming from. There too many people that brush and still have bad breath, that is because they don't brush their tongue. Their momma should taught them that.

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