November 11, 2005

Get Rich Or Die Trying

Ok, movie review time. I just seen 50 cent’s “Get Rich or Die Trying” and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a big fan of the “rapper movies” but there some ones out that I like. “8 Mile” and “Hustle and Flow” were good. “Get Rich or Die Trying” is not as good as either one of those but it was entertaining. I’m not going to tell whether the movie was worth seeing or not, because it is all on you. But, I will tell you what I dislike about and what to watch for. And I will try not to give away the movie.

Joy Bryant was hot in the movie; she shined. Adebisi was too funny. I call him, Adebisi because that’s how I know him for the OZ show, but his real name is Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje. He’s the black nigga that’s been in everything from “the Mummy Return” to the TV show “Lost.”

What funny to watch for:
Adebisi 90’s see through muscle shirt. That nigga wears the same outfit for every scene no matter the time frame, 80’s or 90’s, until the end.

50’s Jamaican friend. Every line that nigga says is funny. Check out what and how he says it when he gets shot. “For Really.”

50’s acting. Enough said. Nah, but check out the facial expressions for each mood. There was the sad face, the happy face, the confused face, and the best ever, the blank look. Check out the look 50 gives when old dude tells him that he fucked his moms. One disturbing thing is the way 50’s jaw doesn’t move when he talks. He talk through his teeth and it urked me.

The kid 50. That kid really shined. He could act his ass off. That kid looked and emulated all of 50’s mannerism to a tee. He was the best part of the movie except Joy Bryant.

Hated about it:
It was not an inspiring movie at all. I think it promotes and encourages the unlikely. It’s not for the weak minded or kids. Being a gangster is not a fun choice and selling drugs is not a viable occupation. Why would you show people how to cook crack? Or make drug dealing, murdering gangster the only good role models in the movie.

The prison scene was too much. Male nudity is not good. There was more male nudity than female nudity in the movie and that’s not cool.

All in all, I liked it because I could find something enjoyable in it.

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