November 21, 2005

A New Type of Slap

I heard the funniest thing; I’ma share it. First let me say I do not condone violence towards women nor do I condone disrespectful and dumb ass behavior. And I don’t think you should ever slap a man; you should just punch them in the face and fuck their face up. Anyway, as you know there is the “pimp slap” and there is the “bitch slap”. The “pimp slap” uses the back of the hand and it is reserved for females that get out of hand. While the “bitch slap” uses the front of the hand and it’s is reserved for sassing females with loose lips. Also it the slap commonly preferred by women for use. But what about the females that are not quite out of line but say something so dumb your like, “what the fuck?!” There is new slap for those situations. It’s called the “limp dick slap.” Next time some dumb chick says something like, “I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada” in a conversation. Stop everything, drop your drawls, wipe it out and give her a “limp dick slap” for saying something so stupid. I bet she never say something that stupid in front of you again.

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  1. a limp-dick-slap ! :)
    that sure is funny...

    u;ve got a great blog.. keep writing