November 23, 2005

Sean P Diddy Combs Needs to Stop With the Proactiv Ads

Have yall seen the Diddy Proactiv ads? Why is that nigga doing Proactiv ads? That nigga had one pimple on the side of his face. Come on Diddy. Everybody else on the ads have real acme problems. One pimple is not an acme problem. The rest of the people get on the show with leper face thanking Proactiv for saving their social life and then here comes Diddy saying Proactiv got rid of his one pimple, thereby saving his life and letting him keep “his sexy.” Come on Diddy, get yourself together. The worst part is that Diddy’s pimple was in his beard, it could have been a hair or razor bump. And it would have went away on it’s on anyway. Diddy really hurts the company’s credibility. Leave it to Vanessa, Jessica, and Alicia please and Diddy, get your silly ass off TV.

1 comment:

  1. so, maybe diddy has a cartoon explosives problem (acme) u dum fuck