November 19, 2005

Humbling Dream

I had of those awaking dreams this morning. A dream so crucial that it wakes you up before you want to wake up. Most of the time you forget them in an hour or try back to sleep and then end up forgetting it. But this morning, I wrote my dream down so I wouldn’t forget it. I don’t think they have like way of predicting the future or anything, but I do think they tell us more about ourselves and give us dormant creative ideas.

My dream was the most humbling. I dreamed my car got stripped. I remember I was in a movie theater. There was one guy from work sitting a seat way. In my whole dream there was only people from school and work. We were making jokes. We in a movie theater but we were watching a bad play. Bad as in not good. Then these guys move from the front of the theater to our row and now we had to sit besides each other. I was upset. Then the theater fills up with people from the lobby, like a event just ended. And they just started filing coming in. The place got rowdy and they end the play earlier. Then a fight breaks out in the theater between large groups of people. Everyone files out of the theater; I take the side exit and ends up outside the building. I lost the guy I knew from work, so I wander around looking for someone I know. I run into another guy from work and talk to him for a bit about who knows what and then I walk-on. I know I made at least one lap in a circle in some grassland then begin walking in town. And I run into some more guys from work and they were up to no good, being delinquents and shit. I don’t remember what they were doing but I remember being like “coming on guys…” that’s what I always when I see people doing delinquent shit like breaking or burning something. Anyway, following the crowd people, I that assume is from the event there was that let out, I make my way to a building’s backroom. I this back room is with people and some girls from work. There is music playing in there and we are dancing, I was behaving as if I had been drinking. I was way out of character. One by one people left the room until I was by myself. By then the place turned into a patio where I sat down waiting for one of the people that left and said that they would be back. I was looking at all the people walk past. People from school would stop through and ask me if I had seen somebody and I’d point them back where I came from. I sat there until I got tired of waiting and then the room turned into the back seat of my car parked in a ghetto ass hood. I move to the passenger’s seat. This ugly girl with a Caesar cut comes up to window and asks me a question. I answer it and point her on her way. She still stands around. I was like I got to go. I got out of my car to go in the back seat to get my keys off the floor. I was like, “why you still here?” She said I was going to have to come up off that, meaning my car. I was not about to get robbed, so I grabbed a metal stick like object from back seat and started poking her with to back her away. She kept coming. I started taping her in the head with it. Still she kept coming forward. Then I started hitting her with the joint in the head with a little more force, I wasn’t punishing her like I should of. Now, her face was bleeding and she backing away. Get her away from my car and the police show up. I’m like “She tried to jack me.” The officer’s like that coming around here, they take the cars for parts and that must have been humbling for you. He pointed to an extra clip she had concealed in the passenger seat visor that she would have gotten to, and said I was luck because if she would have gotten in my car she could have shot me. Which makes no sense now but in dream world everything makes sense. I was like, “oh for real,” I was relieved. Anyway, I turn to my car and the whole front end is gone. Everything up to the front door is missing. I was like what the fuck. Then the front end shows up and my wheels are missing. I was like how the fuck. Then I appear in Russell Simmons’s house. I walk down the hallway past Russell’s room and then past his closet, looking at the suits. I walk past Kimora’s walking closet and I see it’s in front of her bathroom. As I walk past I hear the shower stop. She steps out in towel talking about “this season’s fashions includes…” some nonsense and something about thongs. That catches my attention and I turn to see. She put on a bra and panties. I remember thinking I thought her breasts were bigger but damn she got a nice body. Then I walked on and I was in the studio with G-Unit and Kimora Lee on a reality show. I was telling them about the jacking and humbleness. So 50 starts singing something something humble, dun da dunt dunt humble. I couldn’t understand the words but it rocked. And they start rapping on it. I was like 50, I got to be on this track. I know I can’t rap but I got be on this track. He was like ok. So I start free styling. I say, I remember it because messed up and that’s what woke me up, me fucking up and I wrote it down. [Click to Play]
First I sung the hook:
Niggas got to be humble,
this world a fuckin jungle,
so be ready for the struggle,
that’s why you got be humble.

Then I rap:
a fo five will make shit get real real quick,
a 9mil will make the healthy real real sick,
you know me I ain’t about no bull shit,
force me boy and I will empty this clip,
we got G-Unit and Will Wash up in this bitch.

Then I fucked up and couldn’t say shit and woke up. Good thing I keep pen and paper by my bed. You should see my notes. I was writing sideways while lying down with one eye open, because the other one was a victim to morning crust. Fucking dreams. I wonder if the shit is worth anything, other than humbling me. I thought I was already a humble person.

Yesterday, I was talking about dancing with the stars and I was singing the Tony Yayo, 50 cent joint cuz that’s my new theme song. Plus I had class and worked yesterday and I said I would go down to Adams Morgan this weekend, so I kind of see some the references. But does it have meaning? I don’t know. Just wanted to share it. Sorry it’s not funny I don’t dream in funny. Come to think about it, I don’t think I have ever had a funny dream.

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